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1312, 2023

The Center for Integration in Science- Ministry of Aliyah and Integration

The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration (Misrad Ha'aliyah V'haklita) provides dedicated support through the Center for Integration in Science to eligible scientists, including new Olim, returning resident scientists, as well as those considering Aliyah/return to Israel.

2607, 2021

Hi Tech Park Tour

 In northern Be’er Sheva resides a growing high-tech park, a southern hub for the flourishing Israeli industry. As a beacon of high-tech innovation, there are many employment opportunities in the myriad of companies based in the park. If you missed Nefesh B’Nefesh Go Beyond South’s most recent Tech Tour of the park, are curious about the make-up of the park, or just need a refresher, stick around to find out more.

2607, 2021

Health and Fitness Out Of Town

Moving to Be’er Sheva was scary at first. As someone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle, I wondered, will it be too hot all the time to go running outdoors? Will I be able to afford a gym? Will there be nice health food stores? A shuk where I can get fresh produce? Will it be a place where the outdoors would inspire me and encourage me to continue my healthy habits such as running and exercising?

2607, 2021

Putting Down Roots in The South

My husband calls it a farm. I beg to differ. Although, to be fair, we are currently growing carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, eggplant, onions, fennel, artichokes, grapes, raspberries and radishes (not to mention over 25 fruit trees), but I digress. We live in a region of the country called Ramat HaNegev - a part of the country that sees about 80 mm (3.15 inches) of rain per year. Gardening here is a little bit more of a challenge, but it is also a bit more rewarding.

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