After making Aliyah, there are several bureaucratic tasks you will need to take care of, as well as a number of rights and benefits you are entitled to. From driver’s license conversion to setting up online government accounts, everything you need to know can be found here.

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Child/Teen Education

Special Education

Higher Education

Navigating Israeli Bureaucracy

Government Services

When you make Aliyah, there are many government offices you must become familiar with, several of which you may need to visit. Fortunately, the Israeli government has worked to put many of their services online, and continue to add more.

What, how and when.

Rights and Benefits for Olim

The Israeli Government of Israel provides a range of benefits for Olim, depending on their Aliyah status. Some are given immediately after making Aliyah and some can be used for years after arrival. They are all provided as a way for the government to ease the burden of moving to a new country and to ease the process of acclimation.

Government Office Locations

Find up-to-date information regarding location and hours of all major goverment offices across the country.

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Step-By-Step Guides

We have created step-by-step guides in English to help you navigate Israeli government offices and online services, including setting up your government account!