When applying for Aliyah, it is important to ascertain your Aliyah status, as it will affect the documents you are required to submit, as well as the benefits you receive upon Aliyah. Note: Although you can get a good idea of what your status likely is, the Jewish Agency has the final say in determining your Aliyah Status. 

Below you can find each category to help you get an idea of what your status will be, but keep in mind that your Aliyah advisor will help you understand your Aliyah status, but the final decision is made by the Jewish Agency for Israel and Misrad Hapnim.

The following definitions are too broad to determine true Aliyah status but will give you an idea of what your status will be.

Your rights and benefits may also be affected by previous extended stays in Israel. Find out more here.

Oleh Chadash

You were not born in Israel and your parents do not hold Israeli citizenship.

Temporary Resident: A1 Visa Holder

Depending on the length of your stay in Israel prior to your Aliyah, some of your rights and benefits will be affected.

Former A-1 Visa Holder

Katin Chozer

A Katin Chozer (KC) is someone who received Israeli citizenship in Israel and left Israel before the age of 14 with at least one parent.
This applies to people who:

  • Were born in Israel to at least one Israeli parent
  • Made Aliyah with at least one parent before the age of 14
  • Were born in Israel to a parent who held an A1 temporary resident visa at the time of birth. In this case, the applicant will receive the status of a Katin Chozer and is considered an Israeli citizen according to Misrad Hapnim.
  • Katin Chozer is a status given by Misrad Haklita

Ezrach Oleh

An Israeli citizen born abroad to at least one parent who held Israeli citizenship at the time of their birth.

  • An Ezrach Oleh (EO) is an Israeli citizen born abroad to at least one parent who held Israeli citizenship at the time of their birth (either born in Israel or made Aliyah prior to the time of their birth).
  • A child of an EO, who was born outside of Israel, will NOT be an EO and will be eligible for Oleh Chadash status.
  • A child of an EO, who was born in Israel is considered an Israeli citizen.
  • By law, any Israeli newborn must be registered either at the local office of Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of the Interior) or, if the child is born abroad, at the Israeli consulate. EOs are required to hold a valid Israeli passport when traveling to Israel.

Mishpachat Olim

A Mishpachat Olim is a family where one spouse is a new Oleh, Katin Chozer (returning minor) or Ezrach Oleh (Oleh citizen) and the other spouse is a Toshav Chozer, (returning Israeli citizen). In order to qualify as a Mishpachat Olim, the family must have at least one child born abroad prior to the eligible parent receiving his or her Oleh status.

*Please note that the child must be a minor and making Aliyah with the parents in order for the family to be considered a Mishpachat Olim.

External Partner Organizations

Not eligible for Nefesh B’Nefesh services? Hopefully, one of our partner organizations can help!

  • Shivat Zion – An organization assisting Olim from Latin America and Western Europe countries through all the steps of Aliyah. Their services are available in several languages.
    Website: http://www.shivat-zion.com
    Contact Information: https://shivat-zion.com/contact-us/
  • Chaim V’Chessed – An Organization that supports and guides all English speakers to navigate the Israeli system. They help you get past the language barrier and cultural differences through all stages, including obtaining and maintaining non-citizen status for residency in Israel.
    Website: https://chaimvchessed.com/
    Contact Information: https://chaimvchessed.com/contact/