No matter where in the world you are from, when you immigrate to a new country, you need to adjust to a new healthcare system.

We will walk you through the system, the terms, and everything you need to know about navigating the Israeli healthcare system.

Child/Teen Education

Special Education

Higher Education

National Healthcare Institute

Bituach Leumi

Bituach Leumi (The National Insurance Institute of Israel) is the body responsible for the payment of various pensions and allowances to those who are insured and eligible under the National Insurance Law. All Israeli residents aged 18 or older must, under law, be covered with Bituach Leumi and are therefore obligated to pay insurance contributions.

Who, what, how and where.

Kupot Cholim (HMOs)

When you arrive in Israel, you will need to choose a healthcare provider. By law, the Kupot Cholim must accept all applicants for services regardless of their age or prior medical history. The basic basket of services offered by the Ministry of Health offers coverage for a multiple of services, medications, and hospitalizations, but all within a basic range of services.

Everything you need to know.

Child Healthcare in Israel

Private Healthcare in Israel

Israeli Kupot Cholim coverage is excellent and will cover you in most circumstances, but there are a few situations in which one would need to pay out of pocket for treatments or medications. This is why many Israelis choose to purchase private supplemental health insurance.