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The story so far…

Take a look at some of the significant milestones from the last twenty years of helping people make Israel home.

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Get to know some of our people and meet the leaders who shape our mission.

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The story continues

The last twenty years were only the beginning of our story…

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Nefesh B’Nefesh Programs and Projects

Nefesh B’Nefesh Programs and Projects

Aliyah Facilitation

As the outsourced arm for the Jewish Agency and Government of Israel, the pre-Aliyah division offers one-on-one facilitation, guidance, and a comprehensive array of services and programming to ensure streamlined Aliyah processing.

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Aliyah Answers

After arrival in Israel, dedicated personal Aliyah professionals are on-call to provide guidance and support for Olim dealing with absorption-related challenges, leveraging the organization’s strong connections with all relevant government agencies.

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Aliyah Campus

In the heart of Jerusalem, the Nefesh B’Nefesh Aliyah Campus serves as the home for the daily operations of the organization, as well as a center for strengthening Aliyah, integration, educational programming, and providing services for thousands of Olim.

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The Israel Calendar

The Israel Calendar aggregates all English-speaking programming throughout the country, enabling all Olim easy access to relevant online and in-person programming around the country.

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Israel Job Board

The online job board features hundreds of English-speaking positions from thousands of companies across Israel, creating the most efficient platform for both employment seekers and potential employers.

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Upgrade offers courses and short-term programs to help Olim retrain and understand the Israeli job market in order to secure positions in Israel’s high-tech industry.

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Medical Professionals Aliyah Track

A dedicated NBN team works directly with Israel’s Ministry of Health to streamline the medical licensing process and health care placement for hundreds of medical professional Olim per year.

Lone Soldiers Program

As a strategic partner with the IDF, the NBN-FIDF Lone Soldiers Program assists and supports the brave individuals who are required to serve in the IDF after their Aliyah. Our multinational team assists 3,500 lone soldiers annually from over 70 countries.

Ori for Lone Bnot Sherut

Ori supports young women who choose to serve in Israel’s National Service (Sheirut Leumi) by providing them with vital programming, bureaucratic assistance, and support as they navigate their new lives in Israel.

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Zionist Education Initiative

ZEI educates thousands of students annually, aiming to strengthen their connection to Israel by fostering an in-depth dialogue about Zionism and its meaning in the modern world.

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The NBN/JNF NBN-TLV operates as a community center for young professionals, offering robust programming and a free co-working space for Olim to enjoy in the heart of Tel Aviv.

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Bonei Zion Prize

The Bonei Zion Prize formally recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements of Olim from English-speaking countries and their contributions to the State of Israel.

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Since 2002, Nefesh B’Nefesh has facilitated…

Chartered Aliyah Flights
New Olim
Retention Rate
Oleh Soldiers
Pioneers to the Periphery

Working in partnership to build a stronger Israel through Aliyah

Working in partnership to build a stronger Israel through Aliyah