32 families, 95 children, 53 singles, and 12 IDF Lone Soldiers are ready to board their Aliyah flight. Here is some of the excitement and raw emotion we overheard at JFK.

  1. Goodbye Starbucks. Hello Aroma!
  2. I think this will be the shortest and most exciting 10 hour flight of my life.
  3. Look at that family of 11 with the trolley filled to the ceiling with luggage.
  4. We are filled with sadness that you are leaving and incredibly proud that you are going.
  5. I hope I get to sit next to one of the 15 lone soldiers on the flight – what an honor!
  6. I remember in school hearing about the Exodus on the “wings of eagles” – who would of thought they’d be made by Boeing!
  7. This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you in Israel soon.
  8. This is more than a dream come true for me – it will be my everyday life where I can make new dreams.
  9. Not next year – tomorrow morning in Jerusalem!
  10. Should I switch my sim cards now and will I still be able to Whatsapp when I get there?
  11. Am I officially Israeli when I get on the plane at JFK or when I step off at Ben Gurion?
  12. Do you think Rabbi Fass will take a selfie with me?
  13. When I land do I have to start speaking Hebrew right away?
  14. I have to finish these 3 bottles of Snapple before I get to TSA.
  15. Thanks for having me, America.  Israel, I’m coming Home.

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