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Camp Moshava IO

2017-08-09T14:19:07+03:00NBN Events|

Mazal Tov! At Friday's Mifkad, Camp Moshava IO had their annual backpack ceremony. They sent off all those making Aliyah at the end of the [...]

Darom Adom

2017-07-03T12:02:10+03:00NBN Events|

The NBN Go South program brought 60 Olim from the center down south for the annual Darom Adom. Over sixty Olim from Jerusalem and the [...]

Backstage of History

2017-07-03T12:53:59+03:00NBN Events|

Nefesh B’Nefesh Olim enjoyed an inspirational evening with Toldot Yisrael, an organization dedicated to recording and sharing the first hand testimonies of the men and [...]

Yom Siddurim 2017

2017-07-03T11:40:42+03:00NBN Events|

Thursday was our 4th annual יום סידורים Yom Siddurim 2017 Over 1500 lone soldiers representing 65 countries, from all Israel Defense Forces units, enjoyed massages, [...]

Knesset & Kiwis

2017-07-03T10:16:28+03:00NBN Events|

Nefesh B’Nefesh Olim from Tel Aviv, Netanya, Modiin, and Jerusalem spent a full and enriching day in Jerusalem. We met at the The Knesset - [...]

2017 Israel MEGA Event!

2017-07-03T10:09:03+03:00NBN Events|

Over 1500 future Olim came to Imagine Greater Possibilities at the biggest Aliyah fair ever! 1500+ Aliyah-minded people including 85 kids attended seminars and workshops [...]

Purim 5777!!

2017-07-03T09:51:21+03:00NBN Events|

We're nearing the end of Shusha Purim, where celebrations are still going strong in Jerusalem. We'd love if you would share your Purim pictures with [...]