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2607, 2021

Employee Benefits

A relationship between an employer and an employee is no different than any other relationship – it begins with high aspirations. An employment relationship creates legal obligations on both the employer and the employee which should be considered and evaluated before commitments are made and before the relationship is established. You must comply with the minimum requirements of Israeli law which are likely significantly different that those in the Old Country.

2607, 2021

Guide for Working Women

Most of us are educated to believe that we can have it all if we only apply ourselves. We can have the perfect home, the relaxed well behaved kids and the perfect satisfying job. In pursuit of this challenging goal, we find ourselves being plunged into the complex world of “Working Mothers”. The goal of this short article is to give you, the working woman, a basic summary of some of the rights Israeli women have at work. It is brief and not meant to replace any legal advice that might be needed on any particular case.

2607, 2021

Tium Mas (Coordination of Income Tax)

A Tium Mas (coordination of income tax) is the authorization by Mas Hachnasa (the Income Tax Authority) to one or more employers as to how much income tax is to be withheld by each from the employee's salaries. When an individual earns a salary from more than one source, it becomes necessary to obtain a Tium Mas in order to ensure that the proper tax will be withheld in total from all salaries.

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