Dmei Kiyum

During the second 6 months following Aliyah, once Sal Klitah payments have ended, you may be eligible to receive financial support through Misrad Haklita (the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration). This is known as Dmei Kiyum or Havtachat Hachnasa, roughly translated as “income support”.

Note: Dmei Kiyum is only provided during the first year of your Aliyah. If you are unemployed 12 months after your Aliyah, or are earning below minimum wage, you may be entitled to Havtachat Hachnasa (income support) from Bituach Leumi (like any other eligible Israeli citizen). If you have any questions about your eligibility, please speak to your Misrad Haklita advisor at your local Misrad Haklita branch.


Olim are eligible to receive Dmei Kiyum if they:

  1. Are no longer receiving Sal Klitah payments
  2. Are unemployed or are earning a minimal monthly income as noted in the chart below.


3. Are an Olah Hadasha/Ezrachit Olah/Ktina Chozeret who has given birth within their first year of Aliyah. They can receive Dmei Kiyum either from their 7th month, or from the birth (whichever comes later) through their 12th month post-Aliyah.


Olim NOT eligible to receive Dmei Kiyum if they:

  1. Have reached the Israeli age of retirement (as of Jan 2023, 62-65 for women/67 for men)
  2. Are a student in any academic framework*

*For students who are also single parents: If you are receiving Student Authority benefits and you are classified as a single parent by Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute), you may be eligible for a Dmei Kiyum amount of 600NIS per month for a period of 9 months (instead of the sums listed above for the regular living allowance). Please refer to your Misrad Haklita counselor for more information.

3. You are unemployed but your spouse is adequately employed (above min wage)

Note: Olim who are still in their first post-Aliyah Ulpan when they begin their second year of Aliyah have the chance to extend their Dmei Kiyum. In this case, the Dmei Kiyum will only be given as long as the Oleh is attending Ulpan. Contact your Misrad Haklita advisor for more information.


Payment amounts for the monthly stipend of Dmei Kiyum range from 1,524NIS to 4,400NIS depending on a number of demographic parameters.

This benefit is not paid retroactively. E.g. if one applies for Dmei Kiyum in month 9 following Aliyah, one will receive payments only for the 9th through the 12th months and NOT for the 7th and 8th months. Therefore, in order to take full advantage of this benefit, Olim should make sure to apply during the 7th month following their Aliyah.

In order to continue receiving this benefit Olim must check in with their Misrad Haklita advisor every month.

To begin receiving your Havtachat Hachnasa (Dmei Kiyum) benefit, please contact your Misrad Haklita advisor.

You may use the simulator below to calculate the amount of Havtachat Hachnasa (Dmei Kiyum) payment based on your personal situation.

Eligibility Calculator

This table below shows the maximum allowable monthly income you can be earning without mitigating your eligibility for the Havtachat Hachnasa (Dmei Kiyum) benefit:

Family Members Maximum Income 
1 Person 2,680 NIS
2 People 3,694 NIS
3 People 4,106 NIS
4+ People 4,836 NIS

See the chart below for current amounts of Havtachat Hachnasa (Dmei Kiyum) payments.

Head of the household is under age 55

Head of household is 55 years or over

Single 1,524 1,740
Couple 2,179 2,612
Couple + 1 child 2,491 3,075
Couple + 2 or more children 2,839 3,531
* Parent + 1 child 2,179 2,612
* Parent + 2 children 2,491 3,075
* Parent + 3 or more children 2,839 3,531
* Single parent + 1 child 2,897 3,533
* Single parent + 2 children 3,373 4,400
* Single parent + 3 or more children 3,373 4,400

* Parent – Where only one parent is eligible as an Oleh (When the other parent is a Returning Resident or Non-Oleh etc).

* Single parent – Legal definition, not including a married couple where one of the spouses is not making Aliyah or not eligible for benefits.

Lishkat HaTaasuka (Employment Office): Job Placement Services

In addition to employment guidance for Nefesh B’Nefesh olim through our Employment Department, any Israeli citizen can access job counseling through a local Lishkat HaTaasuka. For a full listing of Lishkat Taasuka branches around the country, click here.

Lishkat HaTaasuka maintains two different sections, one that assists individuals who have a post-high school academic degree (Academa’im in Hebrew), and one that assists everyone else. If you do have an academic degree, bring a copy of your diploma to your first meeting with Lishkat HaTaasuka.

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