Even Shmuel

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Even Shmuel

Even Shmuel is fast becoming a prime destination for Dati Leumi Olim. The Yishuv is currently growing at a robust pace, and the first wave of English-speaking Olim have already settled in. Founded in 1956 with 100 families, Even Shmuel is currently in the middle of a major expansion project. 280 families are in the process of building homes and moving into the community. Many have already moved in.

Local Employment

Residents work in a wide range of professions. The internationally renown computer company, Intel, has a large office center in nearby Kiryat Gat. Several other hi-tech companies are located in close proximity, as well.

Members of the community work in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, Ashkelon and Bet Shemesh, as well as other locations.

Residents of this city benefit from a  Periphery Income Tax Break on salary earned, after having resided in the community for one year.

Education / Youth

There is a local Mamad torani elementary school that is also the regional school for neighboring moshavim. There is a Chabad school, which serves grades 1-12, in Kiryat Gat. In addition, the nearby Charedi (ultra-Orthodox) Yishuv of Alumim offers schooling for grades 1-8.

Special education is available for children in nearby Achuzat Etrog (approximately 20 minutes away, with transportation provided by the Regional Council). There is also a special education program in Mercaz Shapira (20 minutes away) as well as a center for early childhood education.

Even Shmuel has Bnei Akiva youth groups, with separate divisions for boys and girls. There are also many after-school Talmud Torah programs offered for children in the moshav and in neighboring moshavim.


Direct train service is available from Kiryat Gat (5 minutes away) to Tel Aviv. The ride to Tel Aviv takes under 50 minutes, and a new railroad project is currently underway, which will shorten the ride to Tel Aviv to 30 minutes.

Regular bus service is available to Jerusalem, Be’er Sheva, and Tel Aviv. Highway 6 is 10 minutes away.

By car, Even Shmuel is 5 minutes from Kiryat Gat, 40 minutes from Tel Aviv, 50 minutes from Jerusalem and 30 minutes from Beit Shemesh and Be’er Sheva.

Olim Services

There is a committee to make sure that new families integrate successfully into the community. Families that pass the acceptance committee will be matched up with a buddy family.

It is important to have stronger Hebrew in this area, as most locals are not native English speakers.

Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Immigrant Absorption) has an office in nearby Kiryat Gat.

Amenities / Services

The community boasts a sports hall and a regional library that hosts a variety of activities. There is a local Makolet and Kupat Cholim. A shopping mall, including super markets, are available in Kiryat Gat.

A huge central park, in partnership with the JNF, as well as a youth center are slated to be built within the year. There are also plans for a local shopping area.

Community and Religious Life

Residents of Even Shmuel are Orthodox with a strongly Torah-oriented approach to life. The community’s expansion program is only being sold to the religious public, and new members must be approved by an acceptance committee. A day and evening Kollel affords the community a chance to learn and hear shiurim from other community members. Currently, there is a women’s and a men’s Mikveh. The expansion includes plans for a second Mikveh. A second shul, which has plans to expand, is already being used by the residents of the new section.

Even Shmuel is heavily Sephardi, there is one Ashkenazi Minyan that 20 families are part of.

Real Estate

Type of Property Rent Purchase
Yechidat Diur 2,800-3,500 Not available
3 BR-7BR Private Homes 5,500-6,000 2.2-3 million
Please note, the following factors will likely result in the price of the property costing on the higher end of the price range:

– Neighborhood
-Ground/First Floor
-Safe Room

As of May 2016

Community contacts:
Tracy Weisberger Email: [email protected]


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