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2401, 2022

Warning! Being Pro-Israel Could be Taking Away from Your Zionism

The phone call came at dinner time in Israel; a distraught former student was calling from his college campus in Texas. “Rabbi! There are 20 students from my school holding a rally against Israel. They have Palestinian flags and large posters accusing Israel of war crimes, apartheid and racism against Palestinians.

2201, 2022

Pre-Aliyah engagement (Aliyah in transition/ piloting Aliyah)

Expanding the options for exploring the possibility of Aliyah and considering fluctuating reality and needs, the institute will identify, prioritize and create recommendations for opportunities for professionals/young families to live in Israel temporarily as a potential “gateway” to Aliyah without requiring it.

2201, 2022

Entry/Exit Policies

Acknowledging the imperative to shift the paradigm and create an understanding for Olim to have access to loved ones, always and at challenging times in particular, we will advocate on behalf of all Olim, for consistent, holistic entry/exit policies that take them into account in decision making processes. As citizens who by definition have parted from loved ones when realizing personal and collective vision and mission, Olim must be considered as a unique designated group.

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