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Ranging from the historic Jewish Quarter of the Old City to trendy Katamon and Baka, suburban Har Nof and Pisgat Zeev, and artsy Nachlaot, Jerusalem really does have something to offer everyone. The diverse community and lifestyle options means that you can find everything from a home in a quiet residential neighborhood to an apartment that’s right in the middle of the action. Whatever neighborhood of Jerusalem you choose, you are sure to be surrounded by fascinating sights, interesting people and all of the amenities of a modern city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yisrael Cohn

Director of Aliyah from English Speaking Countries

English speaking Olim can be found all over the city.

Armon HaNatziv: 

Aliza Gillman: 054 582 5492

Rachel Gluck: 052-478-9193. Married, young children, modern orthodox

Dovy Singal: 054-654-5117

Samantha Robinson 052-684-6195. Married with young children, Orthodox

Yakov & Suzanne Butterfield

Yakov: 052-718-0694

Suzanne: 052-718-0695

Married, school-aged children

Arnona/North Talpiyot

Saul Tawil: 052-686-8489. Married with school-aged children


Judy Kasdan 077 538 0291/052 525 5132. Married, Orthodox, retired

French Hill

Razelle Holtz Married, young children

Chaya Rowen Baker 054-5532393. Rabbi of the Conservative congregation

Leah Hakimian 02-582-3181. Widow with married children, Traditional, retired

Cheryl Meirovich 050-625-5518 Married, Masorti, grown children and grandchildren

Judith Besserman 052-462-5839. Conservative, grown children and grandchildren

Homat Shmuel / Har Homa

Fraydie Goldreich 02-645-2562/050-382-0616. Married, Orthodox, school-aged and married children

Shoshana Steinhart 02-645-0383. Married, Orthodox, Gan and elementary school-aged children

Moshe Sadeh 02-624-6057/02-651-8865

Married, Orthodox, older children.


Miriam and Marc Kaye Married, pre-school age children, Dati

Kiryat HaYovel

Moshe Heilman 02-659-5876 NBN Staff, married with 2 young children

Kiryat Moshe

Devora Duek 054-550-9400 Married, orthodox, young children

Shulamit Solomon 052-760-0121 Married, orthodox, 5 young children

Old Katamon

Vel Werblowsky (054) 800 5946 Retired, Orthodox, and married.

Ramot  David Corman In Israel: 052-627-8192/From US: 1-718-569-2195. Orthodox, young children (gan & elementary school age)

Shira and Sam Markowitz
IL: 052-834-1706
U.S.: 1-347-699-0567

Orthodox/Dati Leumi with school and gan age children.
The Markowitz’s are a contact for Ramot Gimmel


Ephraim & Orly Cherrick 054-756-7407 Married with two young children, modern orthodox
Daniel Sudwarts 054-749-8597. Single, Dati Leumi

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