Givat Shmuel

In recent years, Givat Shmuel has become a popular destination for young professionals and families. Located in the center of Israel, Givat Shmuel is flanked on all sides by major highways which allow convenient travel to other parts of the country. The city is undergoing a process of development and expansion, and its population is expected to rise from 26,000 to 40,000 with the establishment of two new neighborhoods – Ramat Hadekalim to the north and Ramat Hadaer the east. The city’s socioeconomic standing is classified as 8+ out of 10, and the residents are a mix of secular and observant, young and old, veteran Israelis and new immigrants.

Frequently Asked Questions

– For adults: Ulpan is held for six months at the community center (Matnas).
– Lessons for enriching the Hebrew language for children in grades one through eight.
– Zumba classes for women.
– English parenting workshop.
– Lectures on various topics in English such as: budget management, employment etc.
– Brochure of the services is given out to the residents of Givat Shmuel in French and English.
– Parent-children trips/ tiyulim
– A Bnei Akiva summer camp for Olim during the summer vacation
The GSC (Givat Shmuel Community) is a non-profit organization with over 900 members which seeks to support the English-speaking new immigrant temporary residents community of Givat Shmuel. The GSC plans numerous events (Shabbatons, Barbecues, Open Mic Nights, weekly shiurim, etc.), works with local organizations to improve services for community members, and provide a plethora of resources to help Anglos navigate life in Israel (workshops, career mentorships, online How-tos, and more).

For access to benefits, contact the Anglo Oleh Coordinator – Noga Dariham Rahat (contact information below).

Olim are spread out over the whole city, but especially in the Ramat Hadar area.


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