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Located on the coast, Haifa is a large, pluralistic, and multicultural city. While it is an economic center, Haifa offers a relaxed and unhurried lifestyle, a rich cultural life, and resources for all ages.

Haifa is friendly to Olim. It is home to a veteran English-speaking community as well as the largest number of Russian immigrants proportionate to its size. There is a small but steady stream of English speaking Olim and many services are available for new immigrants through the municipality and the Ministry of Absorption. The Kiryat Yam Sapir Absorption Center is located close by.

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A professional project manager will counsel and support you upon your arrival.

Employment counseling, assistance, and services.

Temporary housing options, including subsidized rental apartments, available upon arrival for a period of 2 to 4 weeks.

Discount on Haifa municipal taxes (Arnona) for Olim (90 per cent on the first 100 sq. m. for 12 months of the 24 month immigration period; and a discount for returning residents in accordance with their income level).

In addition to basic 5-month Ulpan, extra hours provided.

Ulpan Etzion ─ a 5-month Ulpan for 22 to 35 year olds who hold an academic degree.

Free admission to Haifa’s municipal museums and libraries; and free first entrance to the Haifa Zoo.

Individual and special attention to your children aimed at enhancing their absorption; schoolchildren: Extra help in Hebrew; full exemption from school service fees (Olim only), summer Hebrew Ulpan.

Individual assistance during after-school hours for every child.

Ahuza, Neve Shaannan, Kiryat Shmuel

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