The ancient Biblical city of Ashkelon is today a beautiful community of 110,000 residents, nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Ashkelon is 48 km south of Tel Aviv, approximately 50 minutes by train, 40 minutes by car. Providing a high standard of living at low cost, Ashkelon is an excellent community to begin your new life in Israel.
In the early 1950s, a large number of South African Jews immigrated to Ashkelon, followed by successive waves of Olim from the UK, bringing a touch of their culture to this beachside city.

Frequently Asked Questions


There are Ulpan options available for new immigrants. In addition, local English speakers started their own private Ulpan course.

Several English speakers work in the municipality and help interface with municipal offices. There is an active English speaking organization, community library and book clubs, Chesed (charity) organizations, as well as Shiurim (Torah study groups) and craft groups.

They have a volunteer committee that answers all inquiries from Anglos about Ashkelon.

Contact ESOA (English-Speakers of Ashkelon):
Jayme Yehye (Local guide and ESOA Committee member) – [email protected]

Miriam Maymon
[email protected]
Klita coordinator for English-speaking Olim at the Ashkelon Municipality

Yes (same as above)

Anna Schnitzer
[email protected]

Klita coordinator for English-speaking Olim at the Ashkelon Municipality

Olim reside all over the city.


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