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Efrat has long been a popular destination for English-speaking Olim. The community offers excellent schools, close proximity to Jerusalem, a supportive community, and a wide range of services. Although located in Gush Etzion (the Etzion bloc), Efrat is a separate municipality, with its own local government, Chief Rabbi (HaRav Shlomo Riskin), and municipal services for its residents. Efrat combines the services available in a city with the intimacy of a small community. It is divided into seven neighborhoods, each named for one of the seven species indigenous to the Land of Israel: Gefen, Te’ena, Rimon, Dekel, Dagan, Tamar, and Zayit.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Moetza (municipality) employs a liaison to work with English-speaking Olim.

Residents of the community, many of them Olim themselves, take good care of newcomers. After arriving, the new family is likely to have Shabbat invitations for several months.

Efrat does not have its own Ulpan, but sends residents to the regional Ulpan in Alon Shvut.

Children have a 2 week Ulpan day camp in August.

Through the Anglo Oleh Coordinator, listed below.

Rachel Shdeour
[email protected]
058-499-3315 or 993-9390/ext 1

Olim can be found throughout the city.


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