Founded in 1977, Hispin is considered the hub for religious communities in the area. Approximately 200 families (including 630 children) live in Hispin; and the Yishuv is expected to grow to a total of 250 families.

Located in the heart of the Golan, Hispin is surrounded by some of Israel’s most beautiful, natural gems. Hispin is adjacent to a nature reserve and a large water reservoir, and is close to many hiking paths.

Hispin serves as a religious and educational center for the Golan. Individuals on the Yishuv include educators, farmers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, artists and Yeshiva students.

Hispin offers community activities and special cultural events throughout the year.

The Israeli government defines Hispin as an approved enterprise zone A, which means that certain building discounts and other benefits apply.


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Local Employment

Many residents work in education-related fields in the Golan. Others work in a wide variety of fields in nearby towns and cities.

Education / Youth

Partly because of the large number of children living in Hispin and partly because Hispin understands the importance of investing in its youth, the Yishuv puts a great emphasis on education and programming for preschool and school-aged children. Hispin has an Emunah daycare center, 4 preschools, a regional Dati (religious) elementary public school for boys (grades 1 -6) and girls (grades 1-8), and a boy’s high school. Girls attend either the regional high school, the Ulpana in Tiberias or the new Ulpanit Gila in Katzrin. Children from neighboring communities attend the local elementary school together with the children of Hispin, reaching a total of approximately 600 children in the school.

Bnei Akiva is active on the Yishuv. Many of the older teens serve as madrichim for the younger Bnei Akiva members. The youth have their own social room (moadon) and hold a weekly Oneg Shabbat, as well as special programming throughout the year. They host a yearly Shabbaton for Kav L’Chayim and also a short summer camp for Ilan Organization, both organizations which help disabled children.

In addition, shiurim and other after-school activities are offered for children of all ages.


Hispin is a 20-minute drive to Katzrin and a 60-minute drive to Tiberias. There are several buses daily to Tiberias, and several buses daily to Katzrin and to other communities in the Golan. Twice daily there is a bus directly to Jerusalem. The majority of residents have a car – and people are very generous about offering lifts! Most people who work outside of Hispin drive their own cars or arrange a carpool.

Olim Services

Veteran residents of the community are very warm and welcoming to newcomers. There is a regional Ulpan in nearby Katzrin.

Amenities / Services

The Yishuv has commercial facilities such as a Clallit healthcare clinic, Tipat Chalav, dental care and a minimarket. All other health clinics are located in Katzrin (25 minutes away).

A branch of the Matnas Golan community center organizes activities for all ages.

The yishuv has a beautiful swimming pool open throughout the summer months, with men’s and women’s separate swimming hours.

Community and Religious Life

The Yishuv is known for its Yeshivat Hesder Hagolan, as well as for the high school yeshiva. There are four synagogues on the Yishuv: Ashkenazi, Sefaradi, Yeshivat Tichonit and Yeshivat Hesder, with many Minyan options every morning and on Shabbatot.

Hispin is home to the Midreshet Hagolan hotel and seminar center.

Community life in Hispin includes yishuv celebrations throughout the year, such as the Simchat Torah Kiddush, a yishuv bonfire on Lag B’Omer, a woman’s Purim party, and a community wide Yom Ha’Atzmaut celebration. The yishuv also celebrates a yearly Shabbat kehilla.

Hispin also hosts the Golan Tzedakah Fair at the end of each summer.

Real Estate

The community is expanding. Houses can be purchased from a builder or developed on an individual basis, based on the buyer’s choice and what type of plots are available. Land is free of charge, and reduced rate mortgages are available for those who qualify.

The neighborhood expansion which is now being built has a larger percentage of English speakers.

As in all Golan yishuvim, prospective members must go through a yishuv community application process before being accepted as residents, and a further process when applying for membership and building a home on Hispin.

Limited rentals are available for people who have successfully completed the Hispin application process.

Profile Updated: July 2014