When it comes to proximity to places of employment, Binyamina may well be Israel’s most strategically situated town. A short, direct train ride from Tel Aviv and Haifa, Binyamina is also a short bus trip to the hi-tech and biotech centers of Yokneam and Caesaria. But no one should think that this town’s merits lie in convenience alone. The town has charm, history, a winery, a dairy, and acres and acres of orchards.

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Education / Youth

Binyamina has both a state religious elementary school and 2 state non-religious elementary schools. The school for non-religious residents focuses on science, drawing on the resources offered by its parent body, many of whom are involved in the sciences.
Located on a sprawling campus in the center of the Moshava, it has athletic fields, basketball courts, a playground, and plenty of open areas with trees. The school was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for its innovative curriculum, which includes a course in economics.
Nearby Meir Shfeya is another school to which some of Binyamina’s residents send their children. – http://www.shfeyah.org.il
A new Meshulav school, which is secular and religious, is also a good option. This is a growing school currently with grades 1-3. – https://he-il.facebook.com/gan.hameshalev/
Parents feel that their children get a good education in both schools. Binyamina has active chapters of both Bnei Akiva and the Scouts.


It is difficult to overstate the advantages of having the Binyamina train station in town. The station provides direct and frequent train service to both Tel Aviv and Haifa. This enables residents to enjoy a high standard of living while being within a very close distance to their places of employment. While commuting to work via public transportation is quite easy, getting any place else is not. Without a car, even the most basic shopping expedition can be greatly complicated. It is definitely advisable for Olim considering settling in Binyamina, to expect to buy a car.
The community is an easy commute to Yochneam and Caesaria.

Olim Services

Olim coming to Binyamina will not find a well-established absorption program, but they will find friendly, helpful residents who are genuinely interested in assisting them in becoming acclimated and they will even help them find a place to live. Binyamina is part of the “Five Towns Consortium”, (Binyamina, Pardes Hanna, Hadera, Caesaria, and Zichron Yaakov) and Olim in Binyamina can easily tap into the local resources. For Ulpan and government offices such as Absorption or Interiors, Binyamina residents can travel to Hadera.

Amenities / Services

In the center of town, there is a minimarket, pizza shop, sandal repair shop, and a few more commercial establishments. The local council prefers to keep its center small, and relies instead on the various commercial options in nearby areas. Or Akiva, which has a large mall and several supermarkets, is a two-minute drive from Binyamina. Zichron Yaakov is only 10 minutes away. In the center of town, residents have Klalit and Leumi health clinics, in addition to dentists and optometrists. Other Kupot can be found in nearby communities.

Community and Religious Life

Binyamina has an active Matnas (community center), with a wide variety of activities for adults and children. It also has a modest-size library. In addition, Binyamina is only a minutes drive from Or Akiva, which has a large concert hall and a well-stocked library. The town has several synagogues. There is an active community of over sixty young couples, who are dedicated to growing a dynamic, Orthodox presence in Binyamina.

Profile Updated: December 2016