Hod Hasharon, a city in the southern Sharon region, was founded in 1964 when several small farming villages were unified into one city. It retains a feeling of a Moshava with lots of parks and even some orchards. This upscale city has a population which is mostly traditional and secular, while there is also a small Orthodox community.


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Accessibility to Employment

Hod Hasharon is located in close proximity to the industrial parks in Petah Tikva, Raanana, and Kfar Saba. Many residents commute to Tel Aviv.

Education / Youth

The city invests heavily in education. There are several elementary schools, including three specialized ones: Neve Neeman for the arts, a Tali school, and the Democratic School. There is one Mamlachti Dati school called Shiloh. The students continue on to the three local junior high and the five high schools. Some of the students commute to schools in neighboring cities. The young groups in the city are: Hatzofim, Hanoar Haoved v’Halomed, Noam and Bnei Akiva.


There are intra-city and inter-city buses that run frequently. The Kfar Saba train station is a 15 minute drive from the city.

Olim Services

There is an active group of English speaking women (30’s-40’s) who meet on a weekly basis. They call their group “ESH” – English Speakers of Hod HaSharon. They provide support to one another and are welcoming of new Olim.

Amenities / Services

There is a local country club, several sports facilities and a city library.

Community and Religious Life

Kehillat Yonatan is an active Reform congregation. There are holiday family activities, lectures and Bet Midrash learning programs as well as Friday night and holiday services.

Real Estate

There is a full range of housing options. in the city.
4-room apartment = 4,500 NIS per month

Semi-attached house = 3,000,000 NIS
4-room apartment = 1,650,000 NIS
5-room apartment = 1,760,000 NIS


Although there are English speakers scattered throughout the city, most of them live in the Rabin and Lapid neighborhoods.

Profile Updated: February, 2013
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