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    YAEL Test

    Thank you to Machon Noam for submitting this article. For more information about Machon Noam and their preparation courses for the exam, click here. Machon Noam offers a 10% discount to Olim taking their prep course (enter the code YAEL1016 at checkout). The YAEL test is a Hebrew proficiency test. Students who take the Psychometric Entrance Test (PET) […]

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    Student Authority Tuition Benefits

    Degrees covered: Undergraduate Degree Graduate degree or certificates for undergraduates Re-training for North American Olim with BA/BSc Degree in Medicine, OT, PT or Law University Preparatory programs OR Taka pre-academic programs Period of eligibility: Students must begin their studies* within 36 months of making Aliyah, not counting army or national service. The period is determined […]

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    Ph.D Recognition

    If you are working in the public sector, including government offices, hospitals, etc., you must have your Ph.D recognized by Misrad HaChinuch. In the public sector, recognition of your Ph.D will affect both your rank and salary. If you’re working for a private organization or a post-doc, you will not need to have your degree recognized at all.

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    Internship Programs

    Israel offers many more internship opportunities. For more internship ideas, see: Where to Find Internships and Fellowships in Israel and All the Internships You Need in Israel in 2016 The Israel Professional Internship Program The Israel Professional Internship Program is designed for those who either just want to get to know Israel or are considering Aliyah. It […]

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    University Subsidies for Teen Olim

    If you made Aliyah during high school and are now considering university study, you may be eligible for subsidies on university tuition. The subsidy is provided as an annual grant, in accordance with your course load. Olim who studied in an Israeli high school are entitled to assistance in the following circumstances: Naale students If […]

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    Applying for Assistance from the Student Authority

    Please note the Student Authority’s deadlines for providing assistance. For NEW students the deadlines to request assistance each year are as follows: First Semester: November 10 Second Semester: June 15 Summer Semester: August 15 For CONTINUING students the deadlines to request assistance each year are as follows: First Semester: October 1 Second Semester: June 15 Summer Semester: […]

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    Scholarship Fund for Canadian Students

    The Association of American and Canadians in Israel (AACI) and United Israel Appeal of Canada (UIAC) are offering a scholarship fund for Canadian citizens studying towards their Bachelor’s degrees in Israel. Each student is eligible to receive up to 3,000 NIS. New Olim (who made Aliyah within the past five years) are eligible to receive […]

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    University Mechina

    A Mechina is a preparatory program for Israeli students who did not successfully complete their Bagrut exams. It is also for new immigrants who would like to study in an Israeli university. The goal of the program is to help students attain the levels required for regular study at the University (equivalency to Israeli Bagrut) […]

  • he7

    Should I Go to College in Israel?

    Important Note: Most of the programs that are offered in English are private and therefore are not fully covered by the Student Authority (as with the Israeli programs). Tuition ranges from $6,000 – $25,000, depending on the program. If the program is recognized by the Student Authority, they will pay the equivalent of Israeli tuition […]

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    Making Aliyah as a Student

    Making Aliyah as a student has many advantages, not least of which is the opportunity to acclimate to Israeli culture, study in Hebrew and build up a network of personal friends and professional contacts — all of which will boost your career after you graduate from your program and join the Israeli work force. In […]

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    University and College Programs in Israel

    The university system in Israel can be very accommodating to new Olim. Israeli universities are internationally recognized and some are even ranked in the top 50 universities in the world. Hebrew lectures often include English readings. Advanced Ulpan is available, and several universities and colleges offer MA programs in English. Professors frequently allow Oleh students […]

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    Yeshiva University’s Rosenbaum Aliyah Incentive Fund

    The Rosenbaum Aliyah Incentive Fund (RAIF) was established to assist graduates of the schools of Yeshiva University who have made Aliyah, in the payment of their education loan debts. For eligible graduates, it provides assistance in repaying loans taken for payment of tuition at Yeshiva University. Payments for eligible graduates are made annually. Assistance is […]

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    Volunteer Programs

    For more information about volunteer programs, see: www.masaisrael.org Sar-El Volunteers for Israel | Kibbutz Volunteers | Livnot U’Lehibanot | Magen David Adom | Project Otzma | Kedma Para-Medical Clowns | Sar-El | Yad Sarah | Project Shinui | Because We Care at Kfar Hayarok | Mahal – Volunteers for the IDF | Orr Shalom | Ascent| […]