The psychometric exam is equivalent to the SAT exam in the US. It is comprised of 3 sections – Verbal, Math and English Comprehension. The score on this exam ranges from 200-800 (800 being the highest score). Your score on this exam will be calculated together with your GPA from high school in order to determine your eligibility for acceptance to a specific program.

Note: If you have taken the SAT exam in the US, your score will be accepted by many programs in lieu of the Israeli psychometric exam.

Preparing for the Psychometric Exam in Israel

The psychometric exam is offered in English twice a year – in February and July. It is offered in Hebrew five times a year – approximately every two months. In order to apply for the next academic year, you must have taken the exam by March. If your score is not sufficient to get into the program you are interested in, you will need to wait a full year, to apply for the following academic year.

Many students choose to take a preparatory course which is offered by various companies including: Yoel Geva, Kiddum, Lachman and Ankori. The fees for these courses vary depending on the quality of the program, materials and teachers. Soldiers and Sherut Leumi volunteers may be eligible for a discount for these courses.

Please Note: There are special test accommodations for students with learning or physical disabilities. For details about the process, please carefully review the requirements in this link.

Psychometric Exam in English

Students who would prefer to take their psychometric exam in English can prepare for it in English. GMAX offers courses for the psychometric exam twice a year in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. For more information about the GMAX psychometric course, please see OKAY also offers a preparatory course for the English psychometric exams with unique studying materials in English, please see here for more information.

Additional Tests

The YAEL test is intended for examinees who take the Psychometric Entrance Test in a language other than Hebrew. It is also a requirement for all students whose high school diploma was not earned in Israel. The test takes approximately one and half hours and consists of two parts. The first part contains questions in multiple-choice format; in the second part, examinees are instructed to write a composition.

For more information about the Yael Exam and the Psychometric Exam, please check out the following website:

NEW: Bar-Ilan’s International School has now arranged an alternative for its students. In collaboration with the Department of Hebrew, the Hebrew proficiency test has been created as an online test, which students can take via Zoom while being supervised by someone from the International School.

See here for more information (applicable only for 2020-2021).

Preparing for the Psychometric Exam in the US

If a sufficient number of students request to take the exam, it is administered in March/April in New York. Enclosed in the registration packet is a detailed guide explaining the nature and purpose of the test, as well as sample test questions. The fee for the test is $25. For more information, please contact Yifat, at

Taking the SAT Exam in Israel

Many university and college programs accept SAT scores. Preparatory courses for the SAT exam are offered by GMAX (see and Yeda Plus (see In addition, Yeda Plus offers an English Psychometry course which is suited for Anglos who want to study in Israel (see

GED Courses in Israel

For those students who would like to earn a GED degree in order to apply to university or college, there are courses available in Israel:

Please note that a GED diploma earned abroad, before making Aliyah, will be accepted in Israel. However, Olim wishing to earn their GED degree after making Aliyah are required to participate in a GED course in Israel. For more information, contact Carmit Michaeli at


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