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The YAEL test is a Hebrew proficiency test. Students who take the Psychometric Entrance Test (PET) in any language other than Hebrew are also required to take the YAEL test . The YAEL test is written and administered by the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation, which also writes and administers the PET.

The YAEL test consists of two parts: two sections of multiple choice questions and a writing section. The overall time allocated for the test is approximately 1.5 hours.

Some academic institutions use the YAEL test as a placement test, placing students in Hebrew language courses according to their grade on the test. The higher one’s YAEL test score is, the fewer Hebrew language courses one has to take. Other academic institutions use the YAEL test to determine whether or not a student will be admitted, a minimum grade being a requirement. This requirement changes from one institution to the next.

The YAEL score is not part of the PET score. It is scored independently and reported separately to academic institutions.

Test takers who have taken the YAEL test once, usually immediately following the PET, and who wish to retake it in order to improve their score, may retake it independently of the PET. Further details are available at the admissions offices of academic institutions.

Test Structure

The YAEL test consists of two parts.

The first part consists of two sections, each containing three types of multiple choice questions:

  1. Sentence completions
  2. Sentence restatements
  3. Reading comprehension

The time allotted for each of these two sections is 20 minutes.

The second part consists of a single writing section. Test takers are required to write a 12-15 line essay in 15 minutes.

Test Scores

The YAEL test scores range from 50 to 150.

The grading process is as follows:

  1. Grading the two multiple choice sections
  2. Grading the essay section
  3. Calculating the total score: this score is a weighted average, with the multiple choice sections comprising two thirds of the score and the essay making up the remaining third.

What the YAEL Test Scores Mean

First, it is important to note that there is no passing score in the YAEL test. Scores are used to determine whether a student will have to take Hebrew language courses during his or her academic studies, and if so, how many. In some academic institutions, a minimum YAEL test score must be obtained in order to be admitted. Test takers who scored below that score will not be accepted to the institution.

It is also important to note that different academic institutions may determine different minimum scores. Thus, the same YAEL test score may meet the minimum admission requirement at one institution, but not necessarily at another.

YAEL Test Registration, Dates and Sample Tests

  • Registration for the YAEL test is either through the National Institute for Testing and
    Evaluation’s website
    or by mail. The test fee is 258 NIS.
  • Depending on your location, you can take the test in various locations throughout Israel (please specify your preferred location when registering).

For YAEL test dates and more information please click here.

For Yael sample tests, please click here.

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