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506, 2023

New Perspectives and Opportunities in Chinuch

Many factors are considered when planning a move to Eretz Yisrael. In addition to finding suitable Parnassa and housing in a welcoming community, there is the need to find Moisdos, which offer proper Chinuch for children. Moving to Eretz Yisrael should never be the cause of a Yeridah in a child’s Ruchniyus development.

2205, 2023

Our Teenagers Take Israel for Granted

As hard as I try there is one lesson I try teaching Jewish teenagers today that never seems to sink in – today’s Jewish people live in incredible times. I try to explain what Jewish existence looked like over the past 2,000 years of exile and that today’s Israel is a privilege and luxury in comparison to our past. I ask them to think about what life was like for a Jew who couldn’t even consider visiting or moving to Israel. I juxtapose their life, in which a plane ticket is all they need to enter Israel, with their ancestor’s lives a mere one hundred years ago who couldn’t come to Israel.

2901, 2023

Is Zionism Consistent with the Torah?

To most Torah observant Jews, the question, “Is Zionism consistent with the Torah?” has an obvious answer. Of course, certain Torah observant Jews would answer the question with a resounding yes, and others with an equally definite, no! The question of Zionism’s consistency with Torah values is a source of great debate among Torah observant Jews.

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