Ulpan Directory

Many Ulpan courses are recognized by Misrad Haklita, and are free of charge for new Olim. Before you can register for a free Ulpan course, you must obtain a voucher from Misrad Haklita.The courses listed are dependent on registration. Please contact the Ulpan directly to find out if your level course is being offered at the times that you are available.

  • OOlpan Citizen Café

    OOlpan by Citizen Café offers the new urban approach to learning Hebrew for real life. It’s tailored 10 week courses are available at all levels with highly skilled teachers, in very small groups, focusing on bringing practical Hebrew to life, with a unique method, making it easier to communicate and connect with Israelis. If you want […]

  • Aviv Bertele – Hebrew Language Education

    This Ulpan runs three semesters yearly (Fall, Winter and Spring).  Each semester lasts 10 weeks and the classes, 8-10 students each, learn for 3 hours per week. Students are placed according to either placement tests or according to the results of previous classes. Classes Absolute Beginners to Dalet are offered, as well as the university levels and […]

  • Ulpan Kiriat Sefer

    Ulpan Kiryat Sefer teaches Hebrew to a women-only group in Modi’in Illit/Kiryat Sefer. The Ulpan takes place twice a week and is open to everyone, not just local residents. The Ulpan is not yet covered by the Misrad Haklita, but it is subsidized by the city, and the fees are around 80 NIS per month.

  • Ulpan Bayit

    Ulpan Bayit is a small private ulpan in the heart of Tel Aviv.  Small class sizes ensure individual attention and all of our teachers have received certification to teach Hebrew as a Foreign Language from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.Classes are offered in the mornings and the evenings for levels Aleph, Bet, and Gimel. There is also […]

  • Ramat Gan Ulpan

    The Ramat Gan Ulpan offers two levels of Hebrew study. The Ulpan level Alef course is designed for Olim who want to establish their Hebrew in order to better integrate into Israeli society.  The classes are taught by a professional and an experienced Hebrew teacher. School days for level Alef will be Monday and Wednesday, […]

  • Ulpan Machon Lev

    Recognized by the Ministry of Absorption.The Ulpan will function as part of Machon Lev’s Overseas department. The Ulpan is aimed at Dati and Hareidi students (especially those who are interested in separate classes for men). The Ulpan will run in the mornings and the evenings and is open to men only. The learning takes place […]

  • Polis

    Polis, the Jerusalem Institute of Language and Humanities, offers Ulpan in levels Aleph and Bet.  Higher level classes will open if there is enough interest.The Ulpan is private, not-subsidized, and classes take place in the evening.  It is a wonderful alternative for students who are unable to attend the intensive morning Ulpan classes that are offered […]

  • Ulpan for the Hearing Impaired (Tel Aviv)

    Ulpan for the Hearing Impaired (Tel Aviv) The program is run by the Association of the Deaf in Israel in coordination with Misrad Hachinuch (Ministry of Education), the Jewish Agency and Misrad Haklita. The Ulpan incorporates both Hebrew language and Israeli sign language studies, as well as offering overall guidance for adjustment to life in […]

  • Ulpan for the Hearing Impaired (Jerusalem)

    This group only opens provided there are enough registrants. The Ulpan offers Hebrew and Arabic language and Israeli sign language studies. The Ulpan is run by The Association of the Deaf in Israel, in coordination with Agudat Hacharashim. Area, Neighborhood Jerusalem (Jerusalem & Surrounding Area – ירושלים והסביבה) Telephone number 02-623-4391 Fax number 02-625-8499 Address […]

  • Kiryat HaNoar Ulpan

    Recognized by the Ministry of Absorption. Local Central Ulpan for Olim from Chazor, Rosh Pina and Tzfat,etc. Mornings 8:00-13:00 5 days a week. Opens based on demand. Director: Dani Levi.

  • Medical Ulpan – Jerusalem

      Medical Ulpan – Jerusalem The course involves 300 hours of study over a period of 3 months; it takes place 5 days a week, for five hours in the morning. The Ulpan is for anyone in the medical field: doctors, nurses, dieticians, biologists, psychologists, pharmacists, vets, lab technicians, chemists, biologists and biotechnology professionals. You […]

  • Ulpan Sapir

    Ulpan Sapir is located in the Mercaz Klitah Kiryat Yam/Haifa. The absorption center includes 120 residential units of various sizes and now has a capacity of 300 people.

  • Ulpan Etzion – Be’er Sheva

    This 5-month Ulpan is geared towards single Olim ages 21-35, who are college graduates and professionals. It is located in the Yeelim Absorption Center in Be’er Sheva. It provides high level Hebrew studies, which are essential for successful social and professional integration into Israeli society

  • Ulpan Etzion – Ra’anana

    Ulpan Etzion is located in Ra’anana, a high Anglo population city located in the Sharon region of the country. It is approximately 30 minutes North of Tel Aviv. This program is specifically designed for college graduates.

  • Ulpan Etzion – Ramla

    This 5-month Ulpan is geared towards single Olim ages 21-35, who are college graduates and professionals. It is located in the Yeelim Absorption Center in Be’er Sheva. It provides high level Hebrew studies, which are essential for successful social and professional integration into Israeli society

  • Beit Ulpana for Religious Teenage Girls

    Religious girls can join the adult Ulpan classes. They must provide their own transportation. It is covered by Oleh benefits. The tuition for tourists is 480NIS per month.Sunday- Wednesday, 8:30-12:30, for 6 months. Next Kita A class will begin after Purim. All levels based on need. Area, Neighborhood Jerusalem (Jerusalem & Surrounding Area – ירושלים והסביבה) […]

  • Ulpan Tzeirim Tel Aviv – Beit Brodetsky

      Tzeirim Tel Aviv – Beit Brodetsky is a live-in Ulpan designed for single Olim aged between 21 and 35 who hold a high school diploma. The Program is a five-month long immersion into Israeli culture and the Hebrew language. Ulpan is held five days a week, for 5 hours in the mornings. Afternoons and evenings are free, with the option of […]

  • Ulpan Kinneret

    This program is a 5-month residential program designed for Olim between the ages of 18 and 30. It costs the student 450 NIS per month. (The fee does not include electricity, gas or meals.) All rooms are double occupancy. There is a kitchenette in each room.In addition to the Ulpan classes, the program offers a […]

  • Tochnit Movilim

    Tochnit Movilim is a new opportunity offered by the Jewish Agency for individuals between the ages of 33 and 42. The program takes place in Kiryat Yam, runs for 5 months, involves five days a week of Hebrew study and costs 1150 NIS per month (plus utilities and a 500 NIS deposit). The program does […]

  • Ulpan for Haredi Girls – Jerusalem

    Elementary and junior high school girls registered in the Haredi sector are eligible to join the Ulpan. Days: Sunday and Thursday Time: 13:30 – 16:30 Fee: 120 NIS per month including hot lunch and transportation from school For more information, please contact Hagit Klein, the director: 050-415-2552 Area, Neighborhood Jerusalem (Jerusalem & Surrounding Area – […]

  • Ulpan Levinsky

    Ulpan at the Levinsky College of Education focuses on interpersonal communication at each level, and on understanding media and the texts of everyday life, ranging from menus and instructions to movies, newspapers, and the internet. Exercises assist the student in achieving fluency in practical communication at increasing levels of complexity – searching for an apartment, […]

  • Ibim Ulpan

     Ulpan Ibim offers two levels of Hebrew study. Arrival date: 20.04.17 Start date: 03.05.17 The Ulpan is located in the Ibim Students Village, in the Northern Negev, and is available to people ages 18-30. Cost: 600NIS per month + deposit including expenses 10 months. Note: Meals are not included Area, Neighborhood Ibim Students Village Telephone number […]

  • Ulpan Ariel

    Ulpan Ariel Ulpan begins in September or October depending on the number of Olim. Director: Yerushalmit Area, Neighborhood Ariel (Maale Adumim & Shomron מעלה אדומים ושומרון) Telephone number 03-906-1673 or 052-867-6008 Address Ariel University, Upper Campus, Building #7 Name of contact person Sophy Kushneer Email yerushalmitm@gmail.com Updated February 2017  

  • Ulpan Hatchala Tova

    Ulpan Sevivon For: Olim students who made Aliyah after April 1st, 2011 All grades (1st-12th) When: Summer 2017, 3 week-long course *Actual dates will be published between May-July 2017. Sunday – Thursday, 8:30 – 1:30There is an optional afternoon program for an additional fee.In addition to Hebrew studies, there will be social activities which include swimming […]

  • Yeshivat Dvar Yerushalayim Ulpan

    This is a private, men’s only Ulpan in Har Nof. To discuss payment, please call (050) 921-4691. Those in need of financial assistance can speak to the director about costs. Beginners and advanced classes are offered. The beginners class is from 13:30-15:30 and the advanced class is from 15:45-18:15 on Sundays-Wednesdays. The Ulpan is in […]

  • Ulpan WIZO

    Recognized by the Ministry of Absorption. Classes on all levels run from Sundays-Thursdays from 8:30-12:30. Classes are small, about 10 students per class.Part time Ulpan is offered. Area, Neighborhood Be’er Sheva (South דרום) Telephone number 08-6277714 Fax number 08-623-0817 Email 20800@wizo.org Address 1 Weitzman St. Name of contact person Lydia (054) 681-3679 Updated � November 2012

  • Ulpan Sharret – Bat Yam

    Classes are offered mornings 8:00 -12:45 or evenings 17:00-20:15 (times subject to change), Sunday -Thursday. All classes are level Aleph. Ulpan for elderly from approximately 13:00-16:15. Classes and times due to change depending on registration. Principal: Chedva Charisky. Email her at hedvach@education.gov.il. Telephone number 03-551-9959 Fax number 03-551-9877 Email ourulpansharet@gmail.com Address Rahav St 7, Michlelet […]

  • Ulpan Raanana/ Mercaz Klita

    Recognized by the Ministry of Absorption. No charge for Olim with benefits. It is the main Ulpan in Raanana.This serves as the Mercaz Klita for people ages 18 and up. Classes on Sundays- Thursdays from 8:00 -12:30. Evenings every day from 17:00-20:15. Ulpan for medical professionals is also available.  A new class opens up every […]

  • Ulpan Morasha

    Ulpan Morasha is a full-time Hebrew language immersion program. Focusing on conversational Hebrew, it prides itself on preparing the students for everyday life in Israel.Recognized by Misrad Haklita and Misrad Hachinuch. Upcoming Sessions: November 1st, 2016 – Tuesday mornings. December 4th, 2016 – Sunday mornings. February 1st, 2017 – Wednesday mornings. For more information or […]

  • Beit Canada Ashdod

    Free Ulpan for beginning students; tuition is charged for more advanced students. Beginner’s class begins almost monthly. The course continues for 5 months. Mornings 8:15-12:45 and evenings 17:30-20:45. Classes Sun – Thurs. Levels Aleph, Aleph-plus, Bet, Bet-Plus, Gimmel, Gimmel-plus. New Olim must have referal from Misrad Haklita in order to register. Registeration on-site Principal: Zahava […]

  • Ulpan Dganya – Tel Aviv

    Sunday – Thursday, classes are offered in the mornings 8:15-12:45 and evenings 17:00-20:15. Intensive classes. Olim must sign up at Misrad HaKlita (tel: 03-527-0854). Southern Tel-Aviv. Classes open based on registration (minimum 20 participants). Academic studies offered as well (for teachers, doctors, etc.). Building Director: Michal. Area, Neighborhood Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv & Surrounding Area […]

  • Ulpan Kalanit

    Academic ulpan (pre-university course). See www.mkw.jafi.org or write to mkcalanit@jafi.org . All levels of Hebrew. Open to academic students only. First semester: Sept – March; 2nd semester March – August. Morning hours 8:30-13:00. Evening hours 17:00-20:15, Mon-Thurs. Recreational activities, trips, seminars, and integrational activities are offered. Social workers are on hand. Director: Alizka Yarden. Contact: […]

  • Ulpan Israeli

    Ulpan Israeli is a Hebrew learning center with a cultural orientation. It was established in 2010 by Frida Fisher, the former director of Ulpan Akiva. The teaching staff has vast experience teaching Hebrew as a second language, through the use of non-traditional methods. The main goal of Ulpan Israeli is to deliver a unique cultural […]

  • Ulpan Petach Tikva

    This is a level Aleph ulpan, which also offers a continuing program (Ulpan Hemshech) for levels Bet and Gimmel. Classes after Aleph, the classes are devided according to individual levels. Sun-Thurs. Morning classes: 8:15- 12:45. Evening classes: 17:30-20:45. New Olim must have referal from Misrad Hapnim in order to register. Registration on-site. Classes open according to the number […]

  • Ulpan Gordon – Tel Aviv

    Ulpan Gordon is the largest Ulpan in the country with close to 1,500 students. It is located a short distance from the beach. Many tourists and diplomats study at the Ulpan along with Olim from all over the world. Classes are offered at 8 different levels ranging from beginners (learning the Aleph Bet) to level Dalet. There […]

  • Ulpan Etzion – Carmel

    Ulpan Etzion – Carmel This 5-month Ulpan is geared towards single Olim ages 22-35, who are college graduates and professionals. It is located on the Harbor Campus in Haifa. It provides high level Hebrew studies, which are essential for successful social and professional integration into Israeli society. There are currently two Hebrew study levels. Students […]

  • Tech & the City – Haifa

    Tech & The City is a five-month Ulpan geared specifically to educated, motivated high-tech students and professionals. Meet and network with peers from around the world who share your interests, enjoy the services of a dedicated staff and mentors to guide you, and take advantage of the thriving economy and pleasant residential atmosphere of the […]

  • Ulpan Etzion – Beit Canada

    This program is recognized by the Misrad Haklita-Ministry of Absorption. The cost is 7,200 NIS for 5 months, payable in 3 payments, and a 500 NIS deposit which will be returned at the conclusion of the program if the participant has fulfilled all their obligations. The cost includes room and half board. This program is […]

  • Ulpan Eitan

    Ulpan Eitan Private Ulpan, not recognized by the Minsitry of Absorption. Intensive instruction in small groups or private classes. Most of the learning is one-on-one. Excellent for people looking for significant results in a short period of time. Ulpan Eitan also provides online learning worldwide. Students may avail themselves of Shlomo’s youtube series titled Hebrew […]

  • Ulpan Deganya – Tel Aviv

    This ulpan has two programs; the traditional 5 month schedule, and the medical ulpan.The traditional program is for olim, and is offered both in the morning and afternoon. Sundays-Thursdays from 08:30-13:00. Levels aleph and bet are offered. Medical Ulpan is designed for health care professionals including doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists and technicians. To be eligible […]

  • Ulpan Ben – Leumi Netanya

    Recognized by the Ministry of Absorption. Ulpan is offered between 8:00-21:00. There are Olim from all over the world: English speaking countries, FSU, South America and France. Note: Computers are used for the classes. Registration at the Ulpan on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-12:00. Director: Michael Lifshitz Hebrew name אולפן בנלאומי נתניה Area, Neighborhood Netanya (Raanana & Sharon […]

  • Ulpan Aviv

    Ulpan Aviv is a private Ulpan which utilizes an accelerated learning program to help students learn to speak Hebrew. The Ulpan sends teachers to the students homes and provides one-on-one instruction for each student, and an individualized curriculum customized to each student’s level of Hebrew knowledge, learning habits and fields of interest. These classes are […]

  • Ulpan Altshul

    Ulpan Altshul Recognized by the Ministry of Absorption.Ulpan runs 5 days a week, for 5 months. Beginner level classes. Opens on demand providing there are at least 25 participants. Need to register via the local Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Absorption). The Ulpan can not be contacted directly. Area, Neighborhood Be’er Sheva (South דרום) Telephone number […]

  • Ulpan Achva – Rishon LeZion

    Recognized by the Ministry of Absorption. Sunday-Thursday. Classes offered mornings 08:15-12:45 for 5 months or evenings 17:00-20:15 for 6 months. Director: Ronit Lahav. Register at Misrad Hapnim Levels Aleph and Bet Telephone number 03-966-2482 (same number for the Ulpan of technology) Fax number 03-956-5864 Address Beit Seffer Be’eri, Borochov St. 18 Rishon LeZion Contact Yelena […]

  • Ra’anana Municipal Ulpan

    Morning classes take place from 9:00 -11:30 twice a week, evening classes from 18:00 -20:30 (depending on sign-up). All levels of Hebrew taught. Courses include conversational classes, Judaic classes, business Hebrew for business men and women. Includes cultural events, such as tiyulim. Cost: 1,560 NIS per year for Olim (156 NIS per month), 1,800 NIS […]

  • Philip Leon Ulpan

    This Ulpan is geared toward retirees. Chaya Avraham is the director. Call to find exact days and hours. Area, Neighborhood Jerusalem (Jerusalem & Surrounding Area – ירושלים והסביבה) Telephone number 02-641-4896 Fax number 02-532-3748 Address 8 Chili Street, Kiryat HaYovel, Jerusalem Email bogudlov15@walla.com Updated September 2015

  • Ulpan Or

    Private Ulpan, not recognized by the Ministry of Absorption. Cost ranges between $189 and $1295 depending on course and materials. Individual or small-group courses. Upgrade your Hebrew by one level in just 10 meetings using the “Personal Immersion Language Learning Method”. Programs include “Distance Learning” courses utilizing the Internet and other tools; back-to-school courses for […]

  • Neve Tzedek Ulpan

    This Ulpan is geared for Olim and tourists, and is located in the northern part of city. The distinguishing feature of this program is its size – there are 20 students on average per class. The Ulpan prides itself on the personal attention they are able to give their students. Levels Aleph and Bet are […]

  • Ulpan Machon Meir

    This is an Ulpan that is only for men. It costs 500 shekel per month for those who do not learn in Machon Meir (and are not new Olim). It operates Sunday-Wednesdays in the afternoons. There is a separate Ulpan for women, as well as Russian and Spanish speakers. Recognized by Misrad Hachinuch. It offers every […]

  • Kibbutz Yagur Ulpan

    Kibbutz Yagur Ulpan is a work-study program for young adults between the ages of 18 and 28. The program is 5 months long and usually starts in June and December. In each session there are 42 students, comprised of tourists and new immigrants from all over the world. Ulpanists work three days a week and study […]

  • Kibbutz Ulpan (Secular Programs)

    There are many Kibbutz programs that offer Ulpan courses with living accommodations. Kibbutz Ulpan is for tourists only and is open to individuals between the ages of 18 and 28. Summer Session: Arrival from April 25th, 2017. Ulpan starts April 27th-October 1st, 2017. The Yagur program is for individuals up till the age of 30. […]

  • Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu Ulpan

    Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu runs an Ulpan (Hebrew course) in conjunction with The Jewish Agency for Israel (Sochnut). The Ulpan lasts five months, and there are two sessions offered per year. 2016 start dates are February 25 and August 30. The Kibbutz Ulpan is designed for new immigrants who need to learn Hebrew, but who also […]

  • Kibbutz Revivim Ulpan

    Kibbutz Revivim hosts a ‘Work- Ulpan’ program which is under the auspices of The Jewish Agency for Israel. Application to the program can be made through the office of the Kibbutz Aliya Desk. Founded in 1943, Kibbutz Revivim is situated in the Negev approximately 30 minutes south of Be’er Sheva. There are eight hundred residents […]

  • Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan Ulpan

    Open to those ages 18-28 with an academic degree, this Ulpan combines intensive language instruction with work and life in the safe environment of the Kibbutz. During the course of the Ulpan, there are many field trips to historic sites in Jerusalem, Akko and Tel Aviv. Trips are also made to places such as Masada, […]

  • Kibbutz Naan Ulpan

    For more information, please see the following link. The program is partially covered by Aliyah benefits. The additional cost covers full room and board. The cost is 4,500 NIS for Olim (with a 500NIS deposit that is returned at the end of the course as long as the requirements were met). See Also: www.kibbutzulpan.org.  Levels Aleph- […]

  • Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon Ulpan

    For more information, please see the following link. The program is partially covered by Aliyah benefits and is open to anyone aged 18-28. The additional cost covers full room and board. For Olim, the program is 4,500 NIS plus a 500 NIS deposit. For tourists, the program is $5,000 (although one can apply for MASA […]

  • Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek Ulpan

    For more information, please see the following link.  The program is partially covered by Aliyah benefits.  The additional cost covers full room and board.  See also www.kibbutzulpan.org.  Levels Aleph & Bet. The Ulpans opens a new session twice yearly.  The 2016 start dates are March 1st and September 1st. The fee for this program is 4,500 NIS […]

  • Kibbutz Maagan Michael Ulpan

    The Ulpan hosts two semesters a year of five months each. Each Ulpan session has space for 95 participants. Applicants must be between 17.5 and 28 when the Ulpan begins. The program’s structure includes work half a day and study half a day. The study/work week is five and a half days – Sundays through Thursdays are […]

  • IDC Summer Ulpan Course

    This well planned Ulpan program is open to all olim and tourists. This can be considered part of your 500 hour benefit, or as your continuing Ulpan. The Ulpan is run in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Absorption.July 13-August 27, 2014 Sunday-Thursday 8:30am-14:30 pm Students must attend the full six-weeks […]

  • Hebrew Union College Ulpan

    Private Ulpan, not recognized by the Ministry of Absorption. Cost is 1,750 NIS per course.Next course begins on October 1, 2015.  For beginners and intermediate levels. The course will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 17:15-19:45 Registration begins October 30, 2016. Upcoming session: November 14th-Feburary 20th. Sundays to Thursdays: 14:00-17:00 Area, Neighborhood Jerusalem (Jerusalem & […]

  • Hebrew Studies Center ( TA University campus) Ulpan

    Winter Ulpan (Jan/Feb): January 23rd– February 23rd. It’s 4 weeks. (4 credits) Beginners Ulpan (June/July): June 11th-July 23rd, 2017. It’s 5 weeks, for beginners only. (4 credits) Short Summer Ulpan (July/Aug): July 30th-August 27th, 2017. Its 4 weeks, for all levels. (4 credits) Summer Ulpan (July/Sep): July 30th-September 17th, 2017.  Its 6-7 weeks, for all levels. […]

  • Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center for Conservative Judaism Ulpan

    Not Recognized by the Ministry of Absorption. There are two programs that run: “Hebrew for Hebrew Speakers.” The opportunity to improve reading comprehension and oral skills.  Private Hebrew study discussion groups for level Daled and up.  Classes meet once a week on Wednesdays from 15:30-17:00.  The Ulpan is for English speakers only. A donation of […]

  • Ben Gurion University Ulpan

    We are glad to inform you about the opening of Ulpan on March 2, 2014 Basic Course: Levels Alef, Bet, Gimel & Daled – 2,010 NIS Advanced Course: Levels Hei & Vav – 1,508 NIS Twice a week in the evening 5:00-8:00 PM Area, Neighborhood Be’er Sheva (South דרום) Telephone number 08-6461427/8 Fax number 08-6472836 […]

  • Beit Ulpana Ulpan

    Recognized by the Ministry of Absorption. Open to women only. Sunday – Wednesday, 8:30-12:45, for 6 months. New courses began in September and November; there is an option to join. Alef, Bet & Gimmel levels offered. To register, one can come to the office any morning between 9:00-11:00 to take the placement test to determine […]

  • Beit HaOleh Holon Ulpan

    Recognized by the Ministry of Absorption. Classes open monthly. All levels available. Morning classes are offered Sunday to Thursday, 8:00 -13:00 for 5 months. Evening classes are offered 17:00 -20:00 for 6 months. Telephone number 03-556-1523 ext 103; 03-556-8531 ext 103 Fax number 03-550-7265 Address 25 Geuliim Holon Contact Leora LaBaby Email office1-ba@holonet.org.il Website www.holonet.co.il/?CategoryID=857&ArticleID=4207 […]

  • Beit Ha’am Ulpan

    Beit Ha’am offers morning classes, continuing Ulpan (Ulpan Bet) and Ulpan for retirees. It is located in downtown Jerusalem. BeitHa’am also offers an “UlpanHemshech” option for those who have already used their Oleh benefits but wish to continue studying in Ulpan. For those who used up their benefits, the fees are as follows: 5 days […]

  • Ulpan for Olim Children

    אולפן לילדים עולים This is a particularly well-liked Ulpan where learning is serious but in a relaxed environment.  The class costs 170 NIS per month. It is officially level Daled, but it is appropriate for people who are Gimel, as well. Next session start date: September 1, 2015 Area, Neighborhood Baka (Geulim), Jerusalem (Jerusalem & […]

  • Teen Ulpan

    For students aged 7 to 18. Hebrew is taught at 5 levels, providing students with a strong foundation to ensure greater success when they begin school. The Ulpan provides a solid background in reading comprehension, writing and conversational skills, as well as 4 weekly hours of mathematics. Teachers provide individualized attention to students as needed. Students are encouraged to transition to a regular high school once the staff has determiend that the student is sufficiently ready.

    The program runs throughout the school year and accepts students on an ongoing basis.

  • Ramat Beit Shemesh Ulpan

    Recognized by Misrad Haklita Classes for Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh residents Classes take place 5 days a week Levels Alef through Daled 8:30- 12:45 Director: Adela Moshkato Classes open based on registration Call Dina the secretary, tel: 02-633-1861 to register. The next session begins in September 2016 Area, Neighborhood Beit Shemesh (Beit Shemesh/RBS […]

  • Hebrew University Ulpan

    For Hebrew University students or external students of academic record only. Sunday-Thursday, 8:30 13:00. Intensive courses offered on six levels, from beginners to advanced, consisting of 200 academic hours. Start Date: January 24th-Febraury 16, 2017. Application Deadline: December 24, 2016 Principal: Carmia Shuvall Area, Neighborhood Jerusalem (Jerusalem & Surrounding Area – ירושלים והסביבה) Telephone number […]