Question: Can you please tell me what I need to bring for Ulpan Etzion? For example: Sheets — what size? Anything else I might need to know?

Answer: Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Electric items need to be purchased in Israel; for example, hairdryers, fans & kettles
  • Pack lightly, as there is not a lot of space for storage. Consider packing your belongings in duffle bags for easy storage.
  • If you have family coming to visit, ask them to bring your clothes for the next season, instead of wasting precious packing/storage space.
  • Many brands of toiletries are found in Israel, like Head & Shoulders and Dove products. Often the cost difference between Israeli & US/Canadian/UK prices is minimal. Lighten your load by leaving the shampoo and conditioner back home. If cost is an issue, consider buying bulk items from Costco.
  • Wash cloths are not so easy to find in Israel.
  • Bring a bathrobe, since you need to walk down the hall to the showers. In addition, bring shower shoes & slippers.
  • The dorm beds are like camp cots, with a long, skinny frame and a 2 inch thin foam mattress — if you can call it a mattress. Ideally, bring sheets with you that are twin size but extra long. (American sheets tend to be much wider than the mattress and require a little bit of tucking here and there.) If you like using a top sheet, bring some with you, since they can be hard to find in Israel; most people in the Ulpan tend to use duvet covers instead.
  • Pillows are not provided, so you may want to bring your favorite pillow from home.
  • Bring one sentimental item for the tough times.
  • Don’t forget to pack pictures of friends and family!

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