Welcome home! As an Oleh Chadash (new immigrant), the terms below will help you communicate and establish yourself during your first days in Israel.

Bituach Leumi – ביטוח לאומי
National Insurance Institute
Bituach Leumi is the body responsible for health care registration, payment of various pensions, and allowances to residents of the country. New Olim who have no income are exempt from Bituach Leumi Health Care Tax contributions for up to one year from their date of Aliyah.*
* May not be applicable for those with previous A-1 status or have previously paid into the bituach leumi system.

Bituach Mashlim – ביטוח משלים
Supplemental Health Care
Supplemental health care available through the chosen Health Care provider at an additional cost.

Darkon – דרכון
You can apply for an Israeli passport 90 days or three full months (whichever is longer) after your Aliyah date.

D’mei Kiyum – דמי קיום
Living Allowance
Upon receiving your last Sal Klita payment, visit your Misrad Haklita representative. A living allowance may be available to those who meet the specific criteria of the Misrad Haklita.

Iriyah – עירייה
Municipality Office

Ishur Yetziah – אישור יציאה
Document Confirming Permission to Travel
Document necessary for traveling outside of Israel during the time period prior to eligibility for an Israeli passport or in the case of emergency travel without a passport.

Kartis Ashrai – כרטיס אשראי
Credit Card

Kaspomat – כספומט

Kupat Cholim – קופת חולים
Health Care Providers
Clalit, Leumit, Maccabi, Meuhedet

Meches – מכס
Customs Authority

Minhal Hastudentim – מנהל הסטודנטים
The Student Authority
The Israeli Government subsidizes the cost of tuition
for an undergraduate degree (for new Olim under 27) or a graduate degree (for new Olim under 30), within three years of Aliyah and for recognized programs (provided you do not already have a similar degree from abroad).

Misrad Ha’Aliyah V’haklita – משרד העלייה והקליטה
Ministry of Aliyah and Integration
This office is responsible for dispensing the rights
and benefits available to Olim as well as employment guidance and services. More commonly referred to as Misrad Haklita.

Misrad Hapnim: Rashut Ha’Uchlusin V’Ha’Hagira – משרד הפנים
Ministry of the Interior – Immigration & Population Authority
The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for
citizenship, Israeli ID cards, changes of address, Israeli travel documents, birth certificates, visas, and more.

Moetza Eizorit – מועצה אזורית
Regional Council

Sal Klita – סל קליטה
Absorption Basket
Financial assistance provided to eligible Olim through the Misrad Haklita.

Sefach – ספח
Addendum to your Teudat Zehut
Paper addendum which contains personal information (name and ID numbers) of immediate family members.

Teudat Oleh – תעודת עולה
Oleh Benefits Booklet
This booklet is important for documenting usage of your Aliyah rights.

Teudat Zakaut – תעודת זכאות
Oleh Booklet for Israeli Citizens
Olim with prior Israeli status will receive their Teudat Zakaut at either the airport or at Misrad Haklita.
*(for Katin Chozer or Ezrach Oleh)

Teudat Zehut – תעודת זהות
Identity Card
Your Teudat Zehut number (Mispar Zehut) is important and will be requested as proof of identification. It is the document necessary for using any and all services in Israel, as well as establishing yourself within various government offices as an Israeli citizen. Where applicable, your Teudat Zehut will list your spouse and children on the Sefach (addendum).

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