The Customs Authority provides discounts or exemption of taxes on shipping household items, vehicle purchase and import of business equipment. The Customs regulations are subject to the law; therefore, there is less flexibility in special cases. Nevertheless, one can always appeal a decision made by the Customs Authority.

  • Oleh Chadash – Eligible by the Law of Return
  • Ezrach Oleh (Born Abroad to an Israeli parent)
  • Katin Chozer (Returning Minor)
  • Returning Resident (limited Customs benefits only)
Spouses of Different Status (Katin Chozer and Ezrach Oleh)
  • If a person of one status (for example, an Oleh Chadash) marries a person of another status (for example, a Toshav Chozer), the family will be eligible to the benefits of the spouse with a higher entitlement. Although if one spouse used part of their entitlement this affects both spouse’s remaining entitlements. If one member of the family has used his or her benefits, check with Customs to determine what rights are still available to the family.
  • A Katin Chozer and Ezrach Oleh have the same rights as an Oleh Chadash.
Benefit Time Frame
No customs on import of household items 3 shipments within 3 years
Reduced tax when purchasing or importing a vehicle
For information see:
Purchasing a Car in Israel
Importing a Car
3 years
No customs on commercial imports
For information see:
Commercial Imports
3 years

The benefits apply to any type of import – via sea, air or postal packages. A file will be opened for you automatically by the Customs authority within 3 days of your Aliyah.
For more info: [email protected]

Via sea:

If you are shipping via sea, and the shipment is larger than a full container, it will count as two shipments, unless both shipments come on the same ship and are cleared through Customs at the same time. Your shipments can come from any country, not only from the country from which you are making Aliyah.

Via air:

If you are importing via air, you will need to declare your goods at the Customs line at the airport.

For Olim who have not yet opened a file and who are bringing items with them on a flight (Aliyah or other), it is possible to open at file at Ben Gurion Airport.  When you arrive, you need to go through the red line and declare that you wish to release your goods as an Oleh.  You will leave a deposit, go to the customs office (located opposite terminal 1), open a file and then return to claim your goods with the Oleh benefit.

Please note that the customs office will only open a file for goods that are waiting to be released at Ben Gurion.

In addition, the sum of cash allowed on an Aliyah flight is up to 1,250,000 NIS although any amount above 50,000 NIS must be declared but will not be taxed.

Via postal packages:

See: Importing goods by postal packages

Please note: If you send via registered mail services (such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL etc.) please be in touch with the service you are using prior to shipping your package to ensure that you can go through customs on your own using your Aliyah benefit. You may be required to go in person to Ben Gurion Airport. In most cases, if the courier service pays the customs fee on your behalf you will NOT be able to get a refund. 

Below are the tax free items that may be imported:

  • Books, clothing, linens, kitchen utensils, pictures, decorations, media, and general personal effects
  • Furniture for household use
  • One of each type of appliance or electronic equipment, for household use only, i.e., not office or manufacturing equipment
  • Two computers per family
  • Two televisions per family
  • Five cell phones per family
  • Carpeting for up to 25% of the area of the Oleh’s home in Israel
  • Air conditioners, fans and heaters relative to the number of rooms in the family’s new home in Israel

Please note: In addition to the two-computer allowance, each family is entitled to bring a third computer but will be charged full import taxes on the third device.

As an Oleh who is entitled to customs benefits, you may consider a postal package containing household items only as one of the 3 shipments exempted from taxes.

A mail package containing only clothing and footwear items that was sent to Israel prior to Aliyah entry date – will be exempt of taxes and will not be considered a shipment. This only holds true if it arrived to Israel within 30 days prior to the entry date, or on the entry date (accompanied luggage) or within 3 months since entry date.

How It Works

  1. Once the package arrives in Israel you will receive a notice from your local post office that you have a package waiting for you.
  2. If you wish to release the package with your Aliyah benefits, fill out this form Customs Exemption Request Form (Hebrew) and send it to [email protected].  The customs authority will verify that you still have Oleh benefits (see note below) and proceed accordingly.
  3. Please make sure to add a copy of your Teudat Oleh and Teudat Zehut with Sefach (addendum) with the exemption request form.
  4. When you receive an email or mail confirmation, go to the post office to pick up your package.  It should take about a week to obtain the confirmation.
Please note:
  • You can only send this appeal if you already have a file open with customs. A customs file is opened within 3 days of your Aliyah.
  • If you send via registered mail services (such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL etc.) please be in touch with the service you are using prior to shipping your package to ensure that you can go through customs on your own using your Aliyah benefit. You may be required to go in person to Ben Gurion Airport. In most cases, if the courier services pays the customs fee on your behalf you will NOT be able to get a refund.

The import of many types of goods is conditioned on meeting the criteria set from time to time by the certified authorities. For example: if you import more than 5 mobile phones you will need approval by the Ministry of Communications or if you import a Motorized Scooter you will need approval by the Ministry of Transportation and an standard from the Israeli Standards Institute.  In some cases, an approval will be sufficient in other cases an individual license will be required.

The requirements for an authorization to import should be checked before importing with the relevant certified authority, and the need for approval / import license.

*As of January 1, 2013 Misrad Hakalkala (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor) have decided that import of gas grills and gas stoves will need a Teken (standard) given by the Machon Hatkanim (Standards Institute of Israel). Please be in touch with your shipper if you would like to import a gas grill. ADDENDUM: As of Winter 2021, the need for a teken (Israel standard) was removed.

Money Laundering

On December 4th, 2017, a law was passed updating the law prohibiting money laundering:
The total sum of cash value which Olim need to report upon exiting or entering Israel has been reduced to 50,000 NIS.

Practically speaking, this means signing a waiver. The signee is not questioned or investigated, rather the information serves the purpose of being able to assist the authorities (nationally and internationally) to reduce international money laundering attempts to Israel.

When importing medication there is a distinction between whether the medication is being mailed or brought on the plane.
In both cases you must hold a prescription for the full amount being imported.

On the plane – You may import up to 6 months worth of medication, for standard use based on the prescription you hold.
In the mail – You may import up to 2 months of medication (even though on the form from the MoH it says 90 days), for standard use based on the prescription you hold.

The attached form is required to be submitted to the Customs authority when releasing the medication from the post office.
They should have the form available but it is always a good idea to have a copy with you.

Please note: The medication should not exceed 75$ including shipping fees for tax purposes or you will be charged VAT of 17%.

Importing Cannabis: Cannabis based products or Medication cannot be imported, for any reason.

Below are the cases where an Oleh may receive an extension on the period of the Customs benefits:

Case Extension
Army Service
Service during period of benefits
Benefit freezes during period of army service.

Please send אישור משך שירות an approval from the army which shows how many months you’ve served.  This can be a תעודת שחרור if it specifies the term of service.

• Began studies within 18 months of the Aliyah date at a recognized institution of higher learning
• Length of the academic program does not exceed 5 years (exceptions can be made for law and medical students)
The period of rights will be extended for one year from the end of your academic studies.
This period does not freeze and is not carried over, even if the student traveled abroad immediately following his/her studies.Please send אישור לימודים which states you were a תלמידה מן המניין and for what period to [email protected]
Traveling Abroad
Traveling abroad for 6 consecutive months
(does not apply to a returning minor) within one’s first three years post Aliyah
Benefits extended for remaining time once the Oleh returns.

Use this helpful link to extend the benefit once you return to Israel.

Customs office locations:
City Address Phone Number Fax Email
Jerusalem 66 Kanfei Nesharim St.(Kanfei Haela Building) 02-654-5555 02-654-5575
Rishon Le’Zion – Center 3A Yisrael Galili St. 03-942-1666 03-518-1577 [email protected]
Haifa 3 Sha’ar Ha’Namal St. 04-835-4811 04-862-8469 [email protected]
[email protected]
Ashdod 2 Habana’im St. (Forum Building) 08-851-0610 08-852-8856 [email protected]
Be’er Sheva 31 Shazar St. (Oshira Building) 08-623-0115
Lod Ben Gurion Airport (Maman Building) 03-975-1170 03-975-1183 [email protected]
Eilat Eilat Port 08-638-3888 08-637-4146

Last updated on November 15, 2022

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