Sal Klita is a financial grant provided by Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Aliyah and Integration), intended to help you during your initial period of adjustment in Israel. New Sal Klita rates have been established as of January 1, 2020. As a general rule, the new rates represent approximately a 1.9% increase over the old rates.

Calculate Your Sal Klita

Misrad Haklita provides a Sal Klita calculator on their site, this allows you to determine how much money you will be receiving as part of your Sal Klita. This calculator does not cover all possible scenarios; the amount of your Sal Klita is related to your Aliyah status, as determined by The Jewish Agency for Israel. Please be in touch with your Shaliach for further details. Further details below.

Sal Klita Calculator

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Within 5 Years of Retirement Age

The calculator listed here does not reflect changes made in payments if your status changes from “being within 5 years of retirement age” to “retirement age” while you are still receiving the Sal Klita payments. The Sal Klita is then recalculated to that of retirement age.


The legal age of retirement was recently adjusted by Bituach Leumi, and it varies depending on your date of birth. To determine your age of retirement, check the Bituach Leumi site here.

Mishpachat Olim (Oleh Family)

If you are a married couple comprised of one Oleh and one Toshav Chozer:

  • If you have children who were born abroad, you will receive the full Sal Klita package. The Sal Klita payment for the Toshav Chozer is paid after the Toshav Chozer’s name is added to the spouse’s Teudat Oleh.
  • If no children were born abroad, the couple receives the Sal Klita of a single individual, rather than a married couple.

Ezrach Oleh/Katin Chozer

A married couple comprised of one Oleh, and one Ezrach Oleh (Oleh citizen) or Katin Chozer (returning minor), receives the Sal Klita package of a married couple.

“Split Aliyah” Families

The first spouse will receive Sal Klita payments as a single Oleh (18,504 NIS) and payments for children accompanying him/her. When and if the remaining family members make Aliyah, those individuals will be added to the family’s Teudat Oleh. Misrad Haklita will then allocate the difference of what was already granted and what would have been granted if the family had made Aliyah together. Click here for more information about split Aliyah and how Misrad Haklita allocates payments for a couple making Split Aliyah.

Sal Klita Eligibility

You receive an initial cash payment at Ben Gurion Airport, followed by an additional wire transfer after you give Misrad Haklita your bank details. You will receive six monthly installments of Sal Klita, all of which will be transferred directly into your Israeli bank account.

Who Receives Sal Klita?

New Olim, Ezrachim Olim, and Ktinim Chozrim are eligible for Sal Klita. Sal Klita is only granted to those who have spent less than 24 months in Israel in the three years prior to their Aliyah, and less than three years in Israel in the seven years prior to their Aliyah.

A baby who is born after Aliyah and while the parents are receiving Sal Klita payments is entitled to Sal Klita. The payments for the child will be added to the family’s remaining Sal Klita payments. The family will not receive retroactive payments for the months prior to the baby’s birth. A baby born after the Sal Klita payments end will not be entitled to this benefit.

When Do I receive Sal Klita?

The first Sal Klita payment is made at the airport, in order to ease your initial period of absorption. This payment is part cash and part bank payment, which necessitates opening a bank account. (If you become an Oleh when you are already living in Israel, you will receive the first payment from the nearest Misrad Haklita office, and it will be deposited directly into your bank account.) Further payments will be made directly to your bank account, in 6 consecutive monthly payments.

Unemployment Benefits

If you are not working at the time that the Sal Klita payments end, you are eligible for Dmei Kiyum (a monthly living allowance). Please see: Unemployment Benefits for New Olim


  1. If you leave Israel for a short trip or for an extended period of time during months when you are receiving Sal Klita, the payments stop automatically. Once you return to Israel, if it is within the first year of Aliyah, contact Misrad Haklita in your place of residence to reinstate the Sal Klita payments. A decision will be made regarding your eligibility for the remainder of the assistance. In addition, you will be asked to go once a month to Misrad Haklita, to ensure that the Sal Klita payments are transferred to your bank account.
  2. If you are a commuter and will need to travel outside of Israel for work purposes (for an Israeli employer), bring a letter from your employer and present it to Misrad Haklita. This will protect you so that your Sal Klita payments are not stopped when you leave the country.
  3. If you leave the country and are not planning on returning within the first 12 months after your official Aliyah date, you forfeit the remainder of the Sal Klita payments.

Receiving a Pension

If you are entitled to receive both Sal Klita and a pension, you are eligible to receive both payments at the same time. In order to receive pension payments, you must apply to Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute). Please note that Bituach Leumi does not make retroactive payments; please make your claim immediately upon making Aliyah.

How Much Will I Receive?

The following table explains how much money you can expect to receive as part of your Sal Klita. If you are a Mishpachat Olim (a family in which one adult is an Oleh and the other is not), or if you are making Split Aliyah (you and your spouse are making Aliyah at different times), the amount of your Sal Klita is calculated slightly differently. Please see: Mishpachat Olim and Split Aliyah

New Rates: Beginning January 1, 2020

Married couple
Single parent
Couple within 5 years
of retirement
Single parent within 5 years
of retirement
Total Sum
Cash payment at airport
Payment when open bank account
1st payment
2nd payment
3rd payment
4th payment
5th payment
6th payment
Single within 5 years of retirement Retiree couple Single parent retiree Single retiree
Total Sum 22,846 29,225 23,956 19,430
Cash payment at airport 1,250 2,500 2,300 1,250
Payment when open bank account 1,442 3,601 1,454 2,190
1st payment 3,359 3,854 3,367 2,665
2nd payment 3,359 3,854 3,367 2,665
3rd payment 3,359 3,854 3,367 2,665
4th payment 3,359 3,854 3,367 2,665
5th payment 3,359 3,854 3,367 2,665
6th payment 3,359 3,854 3,367 2,665
Child 0-4 Child 4-17 Child 18-21 Extra payment:
Families of 6+
Total Sum 10,945 7,269 9,637 5,049
Cash payment at airport 250 250 250 0
Payment when open bank account 3,027 2,999 3,039 0
1st payment 1,278 670 1,058 841
2nd payment 1,278 670 1,058 841
3rd payment 1,278 670 1,058 841
4th payment 1,278 670 1,058 841
5th payment 1,278 670 1,058 841
6th payment 1,278 670 1,058 841

Last Updated: January 23, 2020!

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