The following is a guide to the Rights and Benefits provided to Ktinim Chozrim* by the Israeli Government. Please note that each of these benefits is valid for a limited time period.

Sal Klita

Financial assistance provided by Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Aliyah and Integration).
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Rent Subsidy

The Ministry of Housing offers Olim Chadashim rental assistance beginning from the 8th month of Aliyah.
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Health Coverage

Bituach Leumi (the National Insurance Institute) provides up to 12 months of free basic health insurance to new Olim.
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Free full-time Hebrew Ulpan course, available in many locations around Israel.
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Tuition Benefit

Heavily subsidized university tuition for eligible young Olim.
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Customs Benefits

Olim are allowed to bring in appliances and household items tax-free.
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Free Flight to Israel

 For eligible Olim making Aliyah from outside Israel.
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Israeli Income Tax

Discounted income tax payments on income earned in Israel.
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Mortgage Discount

 Low interest rates, compared to other market rates, for up to about 150,000 NIS.
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Taxi from Ben Gurion

 Olim receive a free taxi ride to their first destination in Israel.
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Teudat Zakaut

Issued at the local branch of Misrad Haklita.
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Car Benefit

Olim pay a reduced tax rate on the purchase of a new car in Israel or the import of a car from abroad.
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Foreign Income Tax

Tax breaks on passive and active income earned overseas.
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Bringing in Money

The max. amount of cash that an Oleh can bring into Israel is 1,250,000 NIS.
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Serving in the IDF

Ktinim Chozrim must clarify their status with the IDF upon making Aliyah
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*Who is a Katin Chozer?

-An Israeli citizen who left Israel before the age of 14 with at least one parent. (In the case of divorce, the applicant will need to provide proof that he/she left the country legally with one of their parents).

-A dual foreign/Israeli citizen who made Aliyah with his/her parents as a minor and left Israel before the age of 14 with at least one parent.

-A foreign (non-Israeli) citizen who lived in Israel as a minor on a temporary resident visa and left with both parents before their 14th birthday. In this case, the applicant will receive the status of a Katin Chozer from Misrad Haklita, but will be defined as an Oleh/Olah by the Ministry of Interior. He/she will travel to Israel with his/her foreign passport and will need an Aliyah visa.

Terms and Conditions: 

The applicant must have spent at least four consecutive years abroad with at least one parent, and they must return to Israel after the age of 17.

If the Katin Chozer’s parents were employed by an Israeli employer such as JNF, The Jewish Agency for Israel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other private Israeli companies over the past 5 years, then the applicant will not be recognized as a Katin Chozer.


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