Government Benefits for Olim Chadashim

Aliyah Benefits

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The Israeli Government offers a wide range of Zechuyot - financial benefits designed to help new Olim with expenses such as health insurance, Hebrew studies, education, housing, customs tax and more. Zechuyot are valid for a limited time period; and individuals with an Israeli background may not be eligible. Read the articles below for more information about your Zechuyot and how best to utilize them.

Sal Klita Calculator

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The Sal Klita calculator allows you to determine exactly how much money you will be receiving as part of your Sal Klita. This calculator does not cover all possible scenarios; the amount of your Sal Klita is related to your Aliyah status, as determined by The Jewish Agency for Israel. Please be in touch with your Shaliach for further details.

Arnona (Reduced Municipal Tax)

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All cities and towns in Israel charge Arnona (property tax). Olim are customarily granted a discount of 70-90% on the Arnona payments (for up to 100 sqm.) and are usually entitled to take advantage of this discount during one of the first two years after Aliyah, i.e., for one 12-month period.

Benefits for Ben Olim

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If you have children ages 17 to 21 who make Aliyah within 12 months of your own Aliyah (either before or after), they will be considered "Ben Olim." This means that they will be listed on your family's Teudat Oleh (Oleh booklet) and they will have limited Oleh benefits.


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