Education (Child/Teen)

|||Education (Child/Teen)

Finding Schools for Your Children: An Introduction

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How to Search the NBN School DatabaseThis database is designed to facilitate your family's successful Aliyah by helping you research appropriate school options for your children. Since this database is uniquely designed for Anglo olim, we have listed schools that have at least a 10% student body who come from English speaking homes. Schools with less than a 10% English speaking population are included if that is the primary school for that community.

Terms You’ll Come Across When Navigating the Israeli School System

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מנהל/ת Principal/Head Teacher Menahel/Menahelet סגן /סגנית Vice Principal Sgan /Sganit יועץ/יועצת Guidance Counselor Yoetz/Yoetzet רכזת עולים Oleh Coordinator Rakezet Olim מחנך/מחנכת Homeroom Teacher (grade coordinator,form [...]