Note: The amounts listed below are approximate and are subject to change.

Mamlachti (State) and Mamlachti-Dati (religious-State) elementary, junior high and high schools
  • 1st-6th grades: 500-900 NIS per year
  • 7th-9th grades: 1,000 NIS per year
  • 10th-12th grades: 1,150 NIS per year
Schools that offer additional programming (Torani, Yeshiva Tichonit, Ulpana, specialized curriculum, etc)
  • 1st-6th grades: 2,500 -5,000 NIS per year
  • 7th-9th grades: 6,000-8,000 NIS per year
  • 10th-12th grades: 6,500-10,000 NIS per year
  • Dormitory Schools (9th-12th grades): 15,000-20,000 NIS per year
Haredi Sector
  • Talmud Torah: 5,000-9,000 NIS per year
  • Beit Yaakov (1st-6th grades): 500 NIS per year
  • Yeshiva Ketana (with dormitory, no bagrut track): 9,500 NIS per year
  • Girls’ High Schools: 4,200 NIS per year

Students (1st-10th grades) are eligible for free transportation if:

  • Local school is more than 2 km from their home (K-4th grade) or 3 km from their home (5th-10th grade)
    • Note: If the parent chooses a non-local or semi-private option in Mamlachti or Mamlachti-Dati sector, transportation is not subsidized.
  • Student has seriousl physical or emotional disabilities.

Book (hard copy and/or digital format) lending program:

  • 1st-6th grades: 280 NIS
  • 7th-12th grades: 320 NIS

Note: Some schools have chosen not to institute this program. Parents need to purchase new or used school books for their children (300-800 NIS depending on grade level).

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