The Israeli high school system prepares students to take the Bagrut (matriculation) exams. These exams are needed in order to apply to university or college programs. Bagrut exams are given in 11th-12th grade. The Department of Education accommodates new Olim by offering special leniencies to help students succeed in the exams.

In order to receive the special test booklets and Oleh accommodations, students need to receive approval from the school’s guidance counselor.

To determine the eligibility of your child, you will need to be proactive with your child’s homeroom teacher (mechanech/et) and school’s guidance counselor.

Translated exams are only available in the summer testing period.

Translation of a Hebrew Announcement from Misrad Hachinuch

转砖注”讝 1.7-1: 讝讻讜讬讜转 砖诇 转诇诪讬讚讬诐 注讜诇讬诐 讜转诇诪讬讚讬诐 转讜砖讘讬诐 讞讜讝专讬诐 讛谞讘讞谞讬诐 讘讘讞讬谞讜转 讛讘讙专讜转

There are three leniency levels for the Bagrut Exams for Olim students for ten years or until age 23, whichever is later. These levels apply to Olim, temporary residents and tourists.
Note: A student’s level is determined by their date of entry into the country, not by their Aliyah date.

Level A Student entering 1st-3rd grades upon moving to Israel
Level B Student entering 4th-8th grades upon moving to Israel
Level C Student entering 9th-12th grades upon moving to Israel

Note: If you moved to Israel as a tourist or temporary resident and then made Aliyah, your entering grade will be from when you initially began your studies and not from the grade that you made Aliyah.

Students in all three levels are eligible for the following leniencies:

  • Taking a special immigrant exam in: Hebrew language, Hebrew literature, Civics (Ezrahut), Bible, History, Talmud, and Jewish Thought (Mahashevet Israel).
  • 25% extra time for all written exams.
  • Exam will be read to the student in Hebrew, with the exception of the Hebrew Language exam. The student is required to write down the answers in Hebrew.
  • Use of a hard copy or electronic dictionary for Hebrew written exams in all subjects with the exception of Hebrew language exam for Level B.
  • Use of a Tanach with English translation, without commentaries, for the regular exam and the specialized immigrant exam.
Students in Levels B and C are eligible for the following additional leniencies:
  • No penalties for spelling mistakes in all written exams in Hebrew.
  • Exams are offered in English in the following subjects: Tanach, Hebrew literature, Civics (Ezrahut), History, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Science and Technology.
  • Level B students who take the exam in English ARE NOT eligible for an oral exam or for bonus points or to use a dictionary.
  • Level C students who take the exam in English ARE eligible to take an oral exam in all subjects except mathematics, English and Hebrew language and to use a dictionary (but no bonus points).

NOTE: Bonus points will be given to students who take regular exams (throughout the school year) and regular Bagrut exams:

Level A: 10 point bonus to the final grade of regular & Bagrut exams in every subject (except English)

Levels B,C: 15 point bonus to the final grade of regular & Bagrut exams in every subject (except English)

Students evaluated with the newly created alternative assessment will not receive any of the above leniencies. Instead, the school will determine the final grade.

Olim with diagnosed learning disabilities are eligible for Olim and learning disability leniencies. However, if the leniencies include bonus points, they will not receive double points. This applies to regular exams and specialized Olim exams.

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