Learning Hebrew is one of the key components to a successful Aliyah. While many Israelis have a working knowledge of English, speaking the native language allows for easier absorption and integration into Israeli society. We recommend starting your Hebrew education before Aliyah and have a list of resources available throughout North America and the UK.

Olim are granted five months of free, intensive Hebrew Ulpan as part of their Aliyah benefits. Use our Ulpan database to find the right Ulpan to meet your needs.

Not sure which is the right fit? Contact us: aliyah@nbn.org.il

If your Aliyah date is between January 1st 2017 and December 31st 2019, Misrad Haklita offers additional assistance for the study of the Hebrew language. For more info please see the following document.

To view the document in Hebrew, click here.
To view the document in English, click here.

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