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Education (Child/Teen)

Making an educated decision regarding your child’s school placement may be one of the most important aspects of the Aliyah process. By researching the available options and networking extensively ahead of your arrival in Israel, you will be well informed and armed with the tools and knowledge to provide your child with a successful Aliyah experience.
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1 Maon and Daycare Tuition Subsidies 974
2 Ivchunim (School Evaluation) 2589
3 Finding Schools for Your Children: An Introduction 37482
4 School Expenses 6275
5 School Registration 4817
6 Tenu'ot Noar (Youth Groups) 4525
7 High Schools for English Speakers 13993
8 Glossary of Mathematical Terminology 5128
9 Bringing Teenage Children on Aliyah 6226
10 Do I Hold My Child Back a Year? 6467
11 Bagrut (Matriculation Exam) Leniencies for Olim 12041
12 Educational Consultants 7371
13 Terms You'll Come Across When Navigating the Israeli School System 5970
14 Best of Both Worlds: Helping your Child Overcome the Language Barrier 7436
15 School Networks 4308
16 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Schools 8574
17 Choosing a School and its Religious Approach 7439
18 Sending Your Child to Gan (Municipal Pre-School & Kindergarten) 14795
19 How to Choose a School for your Child: Guide to the Perplexed 15879