Post Aliyah Guides

  • Post Aliyah Guide: New Olim

    The steps below will guide you through your first few weeks after Aliyah. You will find a list of what to expect, which offices to visit, and which documents to bring as you obtain your Israeli documentation and begin your life in Israel.

  • Post Aliyah Guide: Katin Chozer (Returning Minor)

    If you are a Katin Chozer (returning minor), please follow these steps upon your arrival in Israel: At Ben Gurion Airport: 1. Passport Control: Your Israeli passport will be stamped by the passport control official upon arrival in Israel. 2. Ministry of Absorption– Misrad Haklita: Proceed to Misrad Haklita only if you need taxi transportation to […]

  • Post Aliyah Guide: Former A-1 Temporary Residents

    If you had Temporary Resident status in the past and are now returning to Israel as an Oleh, please follow the steps below upon your arrival in Israel: 1. At Ben Gurion Airport: Passport Control: Your foreign passport will be stamped by the Passport Control officer. Misrad Haklita – Ministry of Immigrant Absorption:  Proceed to Misrad Haklita in […]

  • Post Aliyah Guide: Mishpachat Olim (Oleh Family)

    If you or your spouse is a Toshav Chozer (returning resident), please follow the steps below upon your arrival in Israel: At Ben Gurion Airport: 1. Misrad Haklita – The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption: The spouse who is not a Returning Resident will receive their Teudat Oleh upon arrival at the airport, as well as the […]

  • Replacing Lost Documents

    In order to issue a new Teudat Zehut you will need to visit your local branch of Misrad Hapnim (the Ministry of Interior). No appointment is necessary.

  • The Israeli Elections

    The Central Elections Committee has released detailed information in English on the electoral system and the voting procedure. It will give you all the information on how, where and when to vote.

  • National Emergency Preparation

    It is important to be prepared for all eventualities, to have a plan in place and to know how to protect yourself and your family in the event of a national emergency.