Aliyah Benefits

The following is a listing of Oleh Rights and Benefits provided to new Israeli citizens by the Israeli Government. Please note that each of these benefits is valid for a limited time period.

Sal Klita (Absorption Basket)

Description: Financial assistance provided by Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Immigrant Absorption). You receive an initial cash payment at Ben Gurion Airport, followed by an additional wire transfer after you give Misrad Haklita your bank details. You will receive six monthly installments of Sal Klita, all of which will be transferred directly into your Israeli bank account.

Singles receive approximately 18,412 NIS. A family of five receives between 56,800 and 67,777, depending on the ages of the children.

Timetable: Paid out over the first six months after Aliyah, between the 1st and 15th of each month. If an Oleh leaves Israel during the first six months (regardless of reason), payments are stopped. The payments can easily be restarted by visiting Misrad Haklita. If an Oleh returns to Israel 13 months or more after Aliyah, payments are discontinued. To review exact sums, see: Sal Klita Calculator

Notes: This assistance is granted only to those who spent less than 24 months in Israel (consecutive or cumulative) during the three years prior to making Aliyah; and no longer than three years in Israel, during the seven years prior to making Aliyah. For a Katin Chozer this assistance is granted only to those who have spent less than one year in Israel prior to Aliyah. If you are a Katin Chozer or a former A-1 temporary resident you will not receive your first payment at the airport, instead you will receive both initial payments via wire transfer after being issued a Teudat Oleh or a Teudat Zakaut at your local Misrad Haklita.

Rent Subsidy

Description: A single Oleh (8th month to 4th year after Aliyah) receives 400 NIS/month. In the 5th year, the subsidy will be 89 NIS/month. An Oleh family receives 800 NIS/month starting in the 8th month, 600 NIS/month in the 3rd year, 400 NIS/month in the 4th year and 99 NIS/month in the 5th year.

Timetable: Begins automatically 8 months after Aliyah. See: Rental Assistance

Health Coverage

Description: Full coverage in any Kupat Cholim (Health Fund); free coverage for those who are unemployed. For an Oleh who is working, the health insurance payments are deducted directly from the Oleh’s salary.

Timetable: First 12 months after Aliyah. See: Healthcare


Description:Free Hebrew Ulpan course, available in many locations around Israel. The address that appears on an Oleh’s Teudat Zehut dictates the location of that individual’s Ulpan.

Timetable: Olim must apply within the first 18 months after your Aliyah. A standard Ulpan course lasts for 5 months (5 days a week, 5 hours a day).
See: Hebrew Ulpan

University Tuition Break

Description: Candidates up to the age of 23 can receive assistance for Mechina (preparatory year course). Candidates up to the age of 27 can receive assistance for a BA and candidates up to the age of 30 can receive assistance for an MA.
Student Benefits are provided by the Student Authority. Students who are studying for an MA may be eligible for a subsidy covering up to a year of Hashlamot (prerequisite classes), in addition to assistance with the cost of the degree. Students who choose to study in a one year MA program are eligible to receive two years of assistance to use towards the cost of their studies.

Timetable: Must start studies within 3 years after Aliyah and within the proper time frame given the student’s age. For example, if you make Aliyah at age 26, you will have one year to start your BA studies, as the benefit is only granted to students up to the age of 27. A student must study at an institution of higher education recognized by the Student Authority. See: Higher Education in Israel

Customs Benefits

Description: Olim are allowed to bring appliances and household goods from ANY COUNTRY tax-free.

Timetable: Olim can import appliances tax-free for up to three years after Aliyah, and may bring up to three shipments of imported goods.
Extensions are granted for military service, full time study, or if you have left Israel for more than six consecutive months

See: Understanding your Customs Benefits

Notes: If you are a former A-1 temporary resident, your final status will be clarified only after opening a file with Meches (the Customs Authority). You will need to provide Meches with all documents that you previously provided to your Aliyah Shaliach. It is recommended not to ship a container from abroad before there is a final decision about your status.

Customs Benefits for a Car Purchased or Imported

Description: Olim pay a reduced tax rate on the purchase of a new car in Israel or the import of a car from abroad. In order to be eligible for the tax reduction, Olim must hold a valid foreign driver’s license that was issued at least three months prior to the date of Aliyah. A valid Israeli driver’s license is also required. The benefit is valid only for a new car or “Passport to Passport” purchase. Importing a car is a detailed process that should only be pursued following thorough research regarding the costs and benefits.

Timetable: Available up to 3 years after Aliyah.
See: Buying a Car in Israel and Importing a Car

Mortgage Discount

Description: Low interest rates, compared to other market rates, for up to about 150,000 NIS. Olim need to obtain a Teudat Zakaut (Certificate of Eligibility), which is issued by the Ministry of Housing through the mortgage banks.

Timetable: Granted up to 15 years after Aliyah. This benefit is only granted for the purchase of a first home in Israel.
See: Mortgage Discount

Free One-Way Ticket to Israel

Description:Only available when making Aliyah from abroad. Only economy class can be flown. The Aliyah flights are funded by The Jewish Agency for Israel. Nefesh B’Nefesh recommends that Olim join a Nefesh B’Nefesh group or charter flight. However, individuals who would like to fly without a group can contact our toll free number at 1-866-4-ALIYAH to reserve a flight.

Timetable: Only for the Aliyah flight. Olim who pay for their own tickets are not eligible for a refund for the cost of the flight. See: Flight Options

Free Transportation from Ben Gurion Airport

Description: Olim receive a free taxi to their destination.

Timetable: One time only – for the Aliyah flight.

Israeli Income Tax Break

Description: Discounted income tax payments on income earned in Israel. The income tax reduction works on a point system, where one point is equal to 215 NIS. New Olim receive three points per month (648 NIS) during the first 18 months after Aliyah, two points over the next 12 months, and one point during the last 12 months. Once you begin to work, advise your employer that you are an Oleh, so that you receive this benefit.

For the Tax Authority guide for this benefit, see: Oleh Tax Benefits

Foreign Income Tax Break

Description: Tax breaks on passive and active income earned overseas.

Timetable: Olim are eligible for tax breaks on passive and active income earned overseas for 10 years after Aliyah. Please check with an accountant to confirm eligibility; there may be some restrictions based on residency for those who have lived in Israel for an extended time period, prior to Aliyah. For more information, please consult with an accountant. See: Tax Benefits on Income Earned Abroad


For the Tax Authority guide for this benefit, see: Oleh Tax Benefits

Arnona (Reduced Municipal Tax)

Description:All cities and towns in Israel charge Arnona (property tax), whether you are renting or own your own property. Olim are customarily granted a discount of 70 – 90% (for up to 100 sqm.) on Arnona payments.

Timetable:Available for Olim to use during one of the first two years after Aliyah, for one 12-month period. See: Arnona

Maximum Sum of Money Olim Can Bring to Israel

Description: The maximum amount of cash that an Oleh can bring into Israel is 1,250,000 NIS (combined sum in the reporting person’s possession). From this sum and above, you will need to report to customs by filling out a form that is available online at: Please see the Israel Tax Authority website for details. (In the Information Guides section, see the Customs Guide for Oleh and Foreign Resident.)

Timetable: Applicable only for the Aliyah flight. Please speak with a qualified accountant for further details.

Notes: If you are a Katin Chozer, Ezrach Oleh or a former A-1 temporary resident, your final status will be clarified only after opening a file with Meches (the Customs Authority). You will need to provide Meches with all documents that you previously provided to your Aliyah Shaliach. It is recommended not to ship a container from abroad before there is a final decision about your status.