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Government Benefits

The Israeli Government offers a wide range of Zechuyot - financial benefits designed to help new Olim with expenses such as health insurance, Hebrew studies, education, housing, customs tax and more. Zechuyot are valid for a limited time period; and individuals with an Israeli background may not be eligible. Read the articles below for more information about your Zechuyot and how best to utilize them.
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1 Aliyah Benefits 126247
2 Importing a Car 32038
3 Sal Klita (Absorption Basket) Calculator 103000
4 Timetable of Aliyah Benefits for Olim Chadashim 31019
5 Voucher Program for Olim and Toshavim Chozrim 16987
6 Applying for Assistance from the Student Authority 26466
7 Benefits Affected by Previous Stays in Israel 23990
8 Benefits for Ben Olim 12210
9 Commercial Imports 7267
10 Mishpachat Olim (Family with Olim Status) 15284
11 Benefits for Toshavim Chozrim (Returning Residents) 22908
12 Extension of Rights for Olim 17667
13 Monthly Child Benefits from Bituach Leumi 12380
14 Arnona (Reduced Municipal Tax) 27336
15 Mortgage Benefits 29331
16 Rental Assistance 40781
17 Tax Benefits on Income Earned Abroad 19825
18 Unemployment Benefits for New Olim 31145
19 Benefits Affected When Marrying a Veteran Oleh 8787