Flight & Aliyah Process Information

The Aliyah Flight benefit includes a one-way coach class fare on a Nefesh B’Nefesh scheduled flight

Flight options are listed on our website Aliyah Flight Options & Schedule

Cluster Flights

Departure Cities:  New York, Newark, Miami, Los Angeles

5 – 40 Olim on the flight. Olim are not identified before departure but will be brought together at the Ben Gurion arrivals gate by a representative from Misrad HaKlita.

Group Flights

Departure Cities: New York, Newark, Los Angeles

30 – 79 Olim

Nefesh B’Nefesh Staff assist Olim at check-in , join the Group on the plane, and provide guidance and support during the Aliyah process at Ben Gurion.

Flexible Flights

Departure Cities: Toronto, Montreal, Boston

Flight requests are made “as needed/requested”. Flight reservations are made based on availability at the time of booking. Three weeks’ lead time is required.

Charter Flight

Departure City: JFK

The entire plane is filled with Olim, Nefesh B’Nefesh Staff and our Aliyah partners. Depending on health and safety guidelines, ceremonies may take place at both JFK and Ben Gurion.

The Jewish Agency/Nefesh B’Nefesh Aliyah flight benefit includes a one-way Economy ticket from the Nefesh B’Nefesh flight schedule.

After requesting your flight, through the Flight Request webform, contact [email protected] to let them know that you’d like to upgrade. We’ll request your ticket be issued and we will put you in touch with the airline directly to upgrade and pay for the difference. All upgrades must go through the Nefesh B’Nefesh flight department.

Upgrades are limited to availability at the time that you contact EL AL to upgrade.

Kindly note, Premium class and Business class seats are routinely fully booked 4-6 weeks in advance of departure. Due to the high demand and limited availability, Aliyah discounts are not available for upgrades.

Olim are entitled to:

  • 2 x 50lbs pieces of checked bags up to 62” (H+L+W)
  • 1 carry-on
  • 1 personal item

Olim are not exempt from overweight or oversized baggage fees. It is more economical to pay for a 3rd piece of luggage than to pay for overweight luggage.

Olim are entitled to bring 5 pieces of luggage each. The 2 pieces of luggage are included in the Aliyah benefit, and 3 additional bags per traveler. The 1st additional bag will cost $130. The 4th and 5th bag will cost $200. Please purchase the additional bags at check-in.

Olim who purchase their own tickets are limited to the luggage allowance as allowed with their private reservation.

  • In the event that you need to cancel your Aliyah flight, email [email protected] immediately with the words “Canceling my Aliyah Flight” in the subject line.
  • If you are canceling on the day of your flight, contact the FLIGHT EMERGENCY HOTLINE 862-339-0166, if there is not an answer, try again a few minutes later.
  • Cancelation or flight changes may incur a penalty up to the full cost of your ticket.
  • Aliyah Ticket Processing Fees are not refundable.
  • Medical related cancelation fees may be waived with documentation from a hospital or urgent care facility.
  • All Olim, regardless of age, are entitled to their own seat and full baggage allowance
  • Generally, we do not recommend seating an infant in a bassinet as the baggage allowance is limited to one bag and the family will not be seated together
  • Each infant/toddler may have one stroller and one car-seat checked in at either the gate or check-in (per airline policy)
  • Pack-n-plays will count as a checked piece of luggage
  • The only animals that may be transported via commercial airline are dogs, cats and birds
  • Dogs and cats that weigh over 15lbs are required to fly in the pet cargo hold. Currently, only EL AL and Air Canada have an operating pet hold
  • Please click HERE for more information
  • For a variety of reasons, you may prefer to buy your own ticket. There is an appeal process for Aliyah flight reimbursement; however, Olim should not purchase their ticket with the expectation of reimbursement
  • Tickets that are paid for with points or miles are not eligible for reimbursement
  • Olim who arrive at a time when Misrad HaKlita is closed, are not eligible to request a reimbursement
  • The maximum reimbursement will not exceed $450/per ticket
  • Olim flying on a personally bought ticket are limited to the amount of luggage associated with their reservation. Luggage is not eligible for reimbursement
  • Reimbursement will only be available for Olim who are making Aliyah to Israel from abroad after they receive Aliyah approval from the Jewish Agency. If you choose to arrive in Israel on any visa, other than an Aliyah visa and complete your Aliyah from within Israel, you will not be eligible for a flight reimbursement
  • It is recommended that you take a photo of your bags, both the outside and inside
  • In the case that your luggage does not arrive with you in Tel Aviv or is damaged, you must complete a report before leaving Ben Gurion Airport
  • Email a photo of the claim to [email protected] so we can try to assist with locating your bag

Your best resource for what is allowed to be checked or packed in your carry-on luggage

What Can I Bring? | Transportation Security Administration (tsa.gov)

  • Your airline has information on their website to specifically address musical instruments, bikes, and odd shaped luggage
  • Expect these items to be counted as a checked piece of luggage when weighing up to 50lbs and measuring no more than 62” (H+L+W)
  • Points and miles may not be applied towards an Aliyah reservation to receive upgrades or additional luggage
  • Aliyah fares do not accumulate points or miles towards your account

Frequently Asked Questions

On specially appointed Group or Charter flights, Nefesh B’Nefesh Staff support Olim at both arrival and departure airports.

Yes. During regular conditions, the airlines request that you be at the airport 4 hours before departure. With the recent added volume of travelers it is even more important that you provide plenty of time to check in and get situated. We have had plenty of Olim not heed this advise only to miss their flight. This could require your having to find accommodations until a new flight can be arranged.

When flying on a Nefesh B’Nefesh coordinated flight, Olim are granted 2 x 50lbs of check luggage that measure up to 62” (H+L+W). Throughout the history of Aliyah, luggage allowances may have varied.

It the past years, when Nefesh B’Nefesh has sponsored Charter flights, those drafting into the IDF or doing National Service within the same calendar year as a Charter, were allowed an additional piece of luggage. Usually, Charter flight Olim are limited to 2 x 70lbs up to 62” however, on a  Charter flight, no additional luggage is allowed even for a fee.

Olim who purchase their own ticket are limited to the amount of luggage included in their bought ticket. Additional luggage is not eligible for reimbursement.

When arriving during the working hours of Misrad HaKlita (S – F and not on holidays), a representative of Misrad HaKlita will not only greet you but they will be expecting you. You will be escorted through the Aliyah process until your departure from Ben Gurion

All Misrad HaKlita representatives speak sufficient English to assist you with your processing. You don’t have mountains of paperwork to complete, you sign this paper, initial that paper and you will be required to show many of your original documents. Rest assured, you’ll leave the airport with everything you are supposed to have. Speak with your Aliyah Advisor directly about specific processing based on your Jewish Agency Aliyah Status.

At your departure airport, just as if you were flying with lots of luggage on a vacation, you are responsible for bringing your luggage to check in. Plan to pay for a cart or a porter as needed. Upon arrival at Ben Gurion there are carts available, you may need to use a credit card to take a cart but you’ll receive a refund when you return it. You may engage the services of porters at the airport – expect to pay for this and regardless of what the private company tells you, this is not an expense that you’ll be reimbursed for.

Entry beyond the Arrivals Terminal is strictly controlled and guests/family/friends are not permitted to enter.

Yes, you should notify the representative greeting you to ensure that their passport is processed at Border Control; if they are on the plane with you, they can join you at processing. (This may be limited to one person in the case that a non-Oleh family is joining an Oleh on the flight)

NBN Contact

Aliyah Questions: Contact your Nefesh B’Nefesh Aliyah Advisor

Flight Questions: [email protected]

Emergency Hotline: For connecting flights, or “day of flight” emergencies: (862) 339-0166

Nefesh B’Nefesh Flights Department: Direct Line: (201) 366-1111

Post Aliyah Support: *3680 [email protected]

* Last updated on February 14, 2024 *