Skilled Trades

2607, 2021


Estheticians in Israel pass a test administered by the Ministry of Trade and Industry once they finish their course. There is no license in Israel for working as an esthetician. You can use your diploma from aboard to work as an esthetician in Israel.

2607, 2021


There are an estimated 2,500 electricians and 730 electrical contractors in Israel, about half of them working in the central Tel Aviv area. There are subdivisions within the field, which allow electricians of different qualifications to work on projects of different levels.

2607, 2021


Olim who come to Israel with experience in the construction or home repair business find that they have to relearn many aspects of the industry in order to re-establish themselves professionally. As local mores and standards are inherent to these businesses, it is important to become familiar with them.

2607, 2021


To work as a plumber in Israel, you can attend a formal training program or work as an apprentice for an experienced plumber. Olim who come to Israel with plumbing experience from abroad generally find that, while their experience is helpful, the local plumbing system differs significantly from what exists abroad and it takes time and experience - working with a local plumber - to master the new system.

2607, 2021

Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair services are provided for: air conditioner, dishwasher, clothes dryer, drying cabinet, freezer, refrigerator, kitchen stove, water heater, washing machine, trash compactor, microwave ovens and induction cookers. A graduate certificate is needed for appliance repair, and for heat and air conditioning. Maintaining a license is required. Knowledge of Hebrew is very important, unless you work with only English speaking clients.

2607, 2021

Automobile Repair

To be a general mechanic (without any specialties) in Israel, you're competing with many other people for the same job, and it'll be hard for you to improve your job status. In order to stand out from the competition, you need to learn one or two of the following specialties: air conditioning, wheel alignment, painting or strong body skills. The best skill to learn is computer diagnostics and whole car electronics, including immobilizer and code problems, all electric window, dash, air conditioning and electronic fuel diagnostics. It's hard to find people with specialties in those areas, and there are many good jobs and salaries waiting for the right, qualified person.

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