Science, Research and Academia

2607, 2021

Life Sciences

The main characteristic of industrial life science companies is that they are essentially multi-disciplinary. Many of these companies employ professionals from a wide variety of fields – engineers, algorithm experts and those with a background in the exact sciences who work closely with physicians, biologists and chemists. As a result, the ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team and to learn quickly is crucial to breaking into this market in any professional capacity.

2607, 2021


There are two main venues through which archaeologists in Israel can find full time positions: the Israel Antiquities Authority (Reshut Ha’Atikot) and the university system. Most of the digs that are currently underway are being conducted by the Antiquities Authority for Chafirot Hatzalah, digs that are required to be conducted when new building/road development occurs in Israel to determine that the construction does not cover or destroy any undiscovered antiquities.

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