Thank you to Dina Shpigel for her assistance in preparing this article. Dina is a a career counselor/developer as well as an experienced headhunter, specializing in the life sciences. You can reach Dina at [email protected].

The main characteristic of industrial life science companies is that they are essentially multi-disciplinary. Many of these companies employ professionals from a wide variety of fields – engineers, algorithm experts and those with a background in the exact sciences who work closely with physicians, biologists and chemists. As a result, the ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team and to learn quickly is crucial to breaking into this market in any professional capacity.

Another defining characteristic of the life sciences industry is the necessity to keep up with strict standards of quality and regulatory requirements. Therefore, there is an emphasis on keeping careful records of the entire process, from the R&D stage through shipping the product out to the market.

The third defining characteristic of this industry is the extended duration of the R&D stage which can slow down a company’s ability to grow. Consequently, new positions are not always available.

The following is a breakdown of the Israeli life science industry:

  • Medical devices: represents the single largest subcategory of the biotechnology sector.
  • Biotechnology: represents 21% of the industry (184 companies). The BIOJERUSALEM Database offers comprehensive and updated information on the life and biomedical sciences sectors in Jerusalem:
  • Pharmaceuticals: represents 12% of the industry (109 companies), including Teva Pharmaceuticals (with approximately 28,000 workers).
  • Agro (agricultural development): A small percent of the industry is involved in the development of watering systems and other inventions related to plant growth inventions.
  • Clean tech: A small percent of the industry is involved in the development of alternative energies, such as bio-diesel.
  • Chemical Industry

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