Hi-Tech & Engineering

2607, 2021

Data Science

I work as a data scientist/statistician at a large technology company.  I have advanced graduate degrees and do a combination of exploratory general research (i.e., publishing externally) and trying to solve specific internal company data analytics problems.  Data scientists vary in the type of work they do and in how directly applied the work is, which will depend on the size and nature of the company.

2607, 2021

Technical Writing

Olim from a wide variety of professional backgrounds discover second careers in Israel in technical communications. The field attracts teachers and writers who are looking for a more corporate work environment and higher salaries; programmers and techies who prefer to work in a field that leverages their English language skills; and lawyers or other professionals who do not have the time or interest to study for the Israeli exams.

2607, 2021

Process/Chemical Engineering

Process Engineers decide on the most effective flow diagram for a particular production process. The production process can be anything from producing gold to making perfume. The flow diagram shows conceptually how the raw materials will be processed into the final product. The relevant flow quantities (volumes, pressures, temperatures etc) are decided to meet the production target. Types and sizes of the various items of process equipment are selected and calculated. We also decide how the final process will be controlled, including which measurement devices (instrumentation) and what piping sizes and types are needed. We may then be involved in the specification of the equipment and instrumentation and reviewing the bids from vendors to choose the best equipment supplier. We are also usually involved in the training and start-up of the new process, once it is built.

2607, 2021

Electrical Engineering

Electrical and hardware engineers in Israel encounter a fast growing industry and an ever-increasing number of employment opportunities, with a broad range of companies targeting professionals who have hardware development backgrounds and Real Time experience. Work experience that is currently in particular demand includes board design, chip design and FPGA. For analog engineers, there is a more narrow range of opportunities but the jobs that exist tend to be excellent positions with relatively high salaries.

2607, 2021

Mechanical Engineering

Like anywhere else, you'll find what you're looking for through networking and research. People are extremely open to helping others. I personally submitted many resumes to people I know only through email. I found my placement in the army because my friend's uncle's friend is a lieutenant-colonel in the air force. Don't be intimidated, and never use the excuse, "Why would a person like him want to help me?" In general, don't use excuses; be Israeli. If you are worried that you are being pushy, realize that it is the North American part of you that is holding you back… ignore it and move forward. It doesn't mean that you should be rude, on the contrary, people actually appreciate your manners. But it is very important that people don't mistake your good manners for weaknesses… Good luck!

2607, 2021

Computer Programming and IT

Israel is frequently referred to as the "second Silicon Valley" as it enjoys a reputation for quality and talent. Leading multinational companies such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and many others, have established foreign subsidiaries and R&D centers throughout the country. Hi-tech products and services account for more than a quarter of all Israeli exports and, after the US and Canada, Israel has more hi-tech companies trading on the NASDAQ than any other country.

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