Israel is frequently referred to as the “second Silicon Valley” as it enjoys a reputation for quality and talent. Leading multinational companies such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and many others, have established foreign subsidiaries and R&D centers throughout the country. Hi-tech products and services account for more than a quarter of all Israeli exports and, after the US and Canada, Israel has more hi-tech companies trading on the NASDAQ than any other country.

In addition to careers in technical fields such as programming and quality assurance, the hi-tech sector offers professional opportunities in sales, marketing, PR, graphic art, web design, technical writing, administration, customer service, technical support, finance and law. If you are in the planning stages of Aliyah, consider gaining experience in hi-tech related fields now, because professionals with hi-tech experience are in demand. Experience in hi-tech is an asset and will give you an advantage for finding a job in the industry. For example, marketing professionals with experience working in hi-tech find it easier to integrate into the Israeli job market than marketing professionals who worked in other sectors.

Salaries in hi-tech are higher than parallel positions in other industries. For senior staff, companies often provide benefits such as car leasing and stock options. On the other hand, the hi-tech work day is longer (and vacation time is usually shorter) than in other sectors.

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