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some accountants have developed businesses filing U.S. tax returns for American Olim and acting as tax consultants. Although there are jobs available for North Americans without an Israeli CPA, having this added certification can open doors professionally and enable you to climb higher on the corporate ladder.


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Actuarial science is one of the few fields where Olim actually have an advantage over Israeli born and trained professionals. The primary potential employers – insurance companies and pension plans – actually prefer to hire US/UK trained actuaries over actuaries who are trained in Israel.

Alternative Energy


Alternative energy or what is known as Cleantech is a hot field in technology right now. Cleantech includes all aspects of environmentally-friendly technology, from renewable and alternative energy to conservation and water, and has applications in both the industrial and consumer domains. Israel is a leader in Cleantech. According to a recent report in the Cleantech Group and the WWF, Israel is the second most innovative country worldwide for Cleantech, and the world looks to Israel as an important resource.

Alternative Medicine

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In Israel, there is no licensing procedure for alternative medical fields. Many practitioners work privately while others work in Kupot Cholim (health clinics). In order to work in a Kupah, you must present your credentials from abroad and show that you have malpractice insurance. Obtaining malpractice insurance in Israel also requires you to present your credentials.

Appliance Repair

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Appliance Repair services are provided for: air conditioner, dishwasher, clothes dryer, drying cabinet, freezer, refrigerator, kitchen stove, water heater, washing machine, trash compactor, microwave ovens and induction cookers. A graduate certificate is needed for appliance repair, and for heat and air conditioning. Maintaining a license is required. Knowledge of Hebrew is very important, unless you work with only English speaking clients.


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There are two main venues through which archaeologists in Israel can find full time positions: the Israel Antiquities Authority (Reshut Ha’Atikot) and the university system. Most of the digs that are currently underway are being conducted by the Antiquities Authority for Chafirot Hatzalah, digs that are required to be conducted when new building/road development occurs in Israel to determine that the construction does not cover or destroy any undiscovered antiquities.


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Olim from the U.S., Canada and the UK have developed successful careers in Israel. Because the large architecture firms can be hard to penetrate, Olim frequently find it best to build up their own businesses. Many work in home development, construction and design, focusing on English-speaking clients who appreciate their Western professional background.


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Although Israel is full of wonderful artists, like in many countries, it is difficult to make a living by simply selling one’s work here. Most artists combine their art with teaching in order to make ends meet. Artists can choose to represent themselves or make a contract with an art dealer, who will take care of the business aspects of their career for them.

Art Therapy

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Art therapists utilize art to help people with physical, psychological or emotional problems to communicate more effectively and to express their feelings. Art therapists work with clients who have physical or learning disabilities or mental health problems, in schools, hospitals, clinics, and prisons. Many people become art therapists after building up many years of experience in a related area such as art and design, occupational therapy, or social care. Knowledge of Hebrew is critical in order to work in an educational institution

Automobile Repair

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To be a general mechanic (without any specialties) in Israel, you're competing with many other people for the same job, and it'll be hard for you to improve your job status. In order to stand out from the competition, you need to learn one or two of the following specialties: air conditioning, wheel alignment, painting or strong body skills. The best skill to learn is computer diagnostics and whole car electronics, including immobilizer and code problems, all electric window, dash, air conditioning and electronic fuel diagnostics. It's hard to find people with specialties in those areas, and there are many good jobs and salaries waiting for the right, qualified person.

Banking and Finance

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Financial opportunities in Israel have traditionally been restricted to the unionized banking sector, which meant limited job options for Olim. Almost all Israeli financial institutions were owned by the same three banks, and investment or financial investment opportunities were relatively undeveloped.


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A bookkeeper (Menahel Cheshbon), must be familiar with the relevant Israeli computer and bookkeeping systems in Israel and become certified by Misrad Hataasiya, Hamischar v’Hataasuka (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor). There are courses offered at several Israeli colleges which prepare candidates to pass the certification exam and work in the field. For information about colleges in Israel, please see the article Higher Education in Israel.


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To work as a carpenter in Israel, you can attend a formal training program or work as an apprentice for an experienced carpenter. There are technical schools which teach carpentry as well as training courses approved by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare. Others have begun practicing as a hobby and gradually learned the profession. Either way, licensing is required from local authorities.


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Chiropractors in Israel work primarily in private practice, as well as through the Kupot. The Israeli Chiropractic Society currently has over 70 members. For more information about the Society, see or call 09 882 4396. To become a member, you must have graduated from an accredited chiropractic college. All Israeli chiropractors studied in colleges abroad, as there is no course of study available in Israel.



Israel is the second most innovative country worldwide for clean technology, and the world looks to Israel as an important resource.

Computer Programming and IT


Israel is frequently referred to as the "second Silicon Valley" as it enjoys a reputation for quality and talent. Leading multinational companies such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and many others, have established foreign subsidiaries and R&D centers throughout the country. Hi-tech products and services account for more than a quarter of all Israeli exports and, after the US and Canada, Israel has more hi-tech companies trading on the NASDAQ than any other country.


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Olim who come to Israel with experience in the construction or home repair business find that they have to relearn many aspects of the industry in order to re-establish themselves professionally. As local mores and standards are inherent to these businesses, it is important to become familiar with them.


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In order to obtain a license from the Ministry of Health, you must personally submit your request at the Bureau of Health closest to your home (according to the address written in your Israeli Identification Card.)

Dental Hygienists

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In order to be recognized as a dental hygienist in Israel, one must be licensed by Misrad HaBriut (Ministry of Health). In order to obtain a license you must: Meet the educational requirements of Misrad HaBriut, Pass the licensing examination.


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About 85% of all dentists in Israel work in private clinics or in group practice. Other employment opportunities include Kupot Holim, school clinics, Kibbutzim and hospitals. Dentists working in public institutions are allowed to work in private clinics as well.

Doula Care

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In Jerusalem, it is very popular to hire a Doula, but it is still not totally accepted in the center of the country. Some hospitals fear that Doulas may interfere with the medical staff while other hospitals just prefer that you use their own in-house Doulas.


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There are an estimated 2,500 electricians and 730 electrical contractors in Israel, about half of them working in the central Tel Aviv area. There are subdivisions within the field, which allow electricians of different qualifications to work on projects of different levels.

Engineering (Civil)

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Civil engineers in Israel are qualified to carry out design work and supervision work in the construction and maintenance of bridges, roads, and buildings.  Civil engineering takes place on all levels: in the public sector from municipal to military levels and in the private sector from residential to commercial and industrial.

Engineering (Electrical)


Electrical and hardware engineers in Israel encounter a fast growing industry and an ever-increasing number of employment opportunities, with a broad range of companies targeting professionals who have hardware development backgrounds and Real Time experience. Work experience that is currently in particular demand includes board design, chip design and FPGA. For analog engineers, there is a more narrow range of opportunities but the jobs that exist tend to be excellent positions with relatively high salaries.

Engineering (Mechanical)


Like anywhere else, you'll find what you're looking for through networking and research. People are extremely open to helping others. I personally submitted many resumes to people I know only through email. I found my placement in the army because my friend's uncle's friend is a lieutenant-colonel in the air force. Don't be intimidated, and never use the excuse, "Why would a person like him want to help me?" In general, don't use excuses; be Israeli. If you are worried that you are being pushy, realize that it is the North American part of you that is holding you back… ignore it and move forward. It doesn't mean that you should be rude, on the contrary, people actually appreciate your manners. But it is very important that people don't mistake your good manners for weaknesses… Good luck!

Engineering (Process)


Process Engineers decide on the most effective flow diagram for a particular production process. The production process can be anything from producing gold to making perfume. The flow diagram shows conceptually how the raw materials will be processed into the final product. The relevant flow quantities (volumes, pressures, temperatures etc) are decided to meet the production target. Types and sizes of the various items of process equipment are selected and calculated. We also decide how the final process will be controlled, including which measurement devices (instrumentation) and what piping sizes and types are needed. We may then be involved in the specification of the equipment and instrumentation and reviewing the bids from vendors to choose the best equipment supplier. We are also usually involved in the training and start-up of the new process, once it is built.

Environmental Studies & Science


The field of environmental studies has developed significantly in Israel over the past fifteen years and, as a result, there is a wider range of employment opportunities for those with a background in the field.


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Estheticians in Israel pass a test administered by the Ministry of Trade and Industry once they finish their course. There is no license in Israel for working as an esthetician. You can use your diploma from aboard to work as an esthetician in Israel.

Gardening & Landscape Design

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Most professional garden designers have some training in horticulture and the principles of design. Some are also landscape architects, a more formal level of training that usually requires an advanced degree and often a state license. The importance of Hebrew can depend a lot on whether or not you would like to seek out work in a Hebrew speaking community.

Geriatric Personal Care – Employment Options

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Geriatric personal care, known in Hebrew as “Siud”, is a field that employs people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Most of the Olim who work in geriatric care come with training in social work, nursing or therapy, though some have no prior experience or training in a related field. Several work settings are available, including at-home personal care and residential homes for the elderly. Providing care for the elderly is generally not a high paying vocation, though it can be extremely fulfilling work.

Graphic Design

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Graphic designers in Israel wear many different hats, producing materials in multiple design formats and using a variety of software packages. Publishing houses employ designers to do book layout and liaison with illustrators, while non-profit organizations, educational institutions, financial companies and many others rely on in-house or outsourced designers for everything ranging from posters to trade show booths to corporate invitations.

Hotel Industry

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Background and training are required and vary by management title and duties involved. Hotel managers are generally required to work long shifts that include late hours, weekends, and holidays due to the 24 hour operation of a hotel. The hotel industry is great for individuals who like working in a fast-paced environment with high levels of interaction with guests, employees, investors and the management team.

Insurance Agent

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Independent insurance agents, typically sell a variety of insurance and financial products, including property insurance and casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. Property and casualty insurance agents sell insurance policies that protect individuals and businesses from financial loss resulting from automobile accidents, fire, theft, storms, and other events that can damage property. For businesses, property and casualty insurance can also cover injured Workers Compensation Insurance, product liability claims, or medical malpractice claims.

Interior Design

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Interior design is more than just knowing "colors". In order to be successful, you need to be knowledgeable about EVERYTHING related to design (color, style, practicality etc.) PLUS you need to be very hands-on. Interior design in Israel includes everything from taking clients to stores, helping them select items with your expertise, arranging installation, checking in with them for satisfaction, etc. The more you know, the better -- kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, storage... A large part of the job is NETWORKING -- finding the right places to shop and the right people to collaborate with, people you can trust will do a good job at a fair price.

Lab Technicians

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If you have a BA or MA in laboratory work, you will be automatically recognized as a lab technician in Israel. If you studied other areas, you will be required to work for 6 months in a recognized laboratory. At the end of the work period, you will need to take a licensing exam.


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As Israel holds the distinction of having the most lawyers per capita of any country in the world, lawyers can be found in any city. By far, the largest number of lawyers and law firms can be found in Tel Aviv, with Haifa and Jerusalem following distantly behind. Salary levels for attorneys in Tel Aviv are usually higher than those in Jerusalem. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv also have possibilities in governmental work. Occasionally, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University require the services of a lawyer from abroad with a particular area of expertise. Alternatively, many lawyers go into private practice, either on their own or in partnership with other advocates.

Life Sciences


The main characteristic of industrial life science companies is that they are essentially multi-disciplinary. Many of these companies employ professionals from a wide variety of fields – engineers, algorithm experts and those with a background in the exact sciences who work closely with physicians, biologists and chemists. As a result, the ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team and to learn quickly is crucial to breaking into this market in any professional capacity.


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Before you can obtain recognition as a midwife, you must first become recognized in Israel as a registered nurse. This involves meeting all of the qualifications for nurses and passing the nursing exam.

Mobile Applications and Programming


Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for low-power handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. These applications can be pre-installed on phones during manufacturing, downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms, or delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing (e.g. JavaScript) to provide an "application-like" experience within a Web browser. Application software developers also have to consider a lengthy array of screen sizes, hardware specifications and configurations because of intense competition in mobile software and changes within each of the platforms.

Non-Profit Sector


For many individuals, working in non-profits provides an opportunity to contribute directly to the fabric of Israeli society and become a part of the country's growth. Though the non-profit world cannot compete with the corporate job market – both in terms of the number of jobs and the level of compensation – a disproportionate number of Nefesh B'Nefesh Olim are currently employed in this field. Especially in the Jerusalem area, non-profits are a significant sector of the job market, and openings in the field are continually advertised.

Office Administration

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Most employers expect a strong knowledge of Microsoft Office – Word and Excel are essential and Access and PowerPoint may also be important. If you can type in Hebrew and use MS Office in Hebrew you will be more marketable. Email and use of the Internet are also necessary for working as an administrator. Basic bookkeeping knowledge is an advantage.


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The role of optometrists is to provide vision care, not to function as eye doctors, and many of the responsibilities held by optometrists in North America are only performed in Israel by ophthalmologists.

Personal Trainer

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A background in physical education is always helpful as well as experience in coaching and athletics. Additionally, a personal trainer has to have the skill to read people and find a way to motivate each client.


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In order to obtain a license from the Misrad Habriut, you must personally submit your request at the Misrad Habriut office closest to your home (according to the address written in your Israeli Identification Card).


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Two courses are offered in Israel, providing training in phlebotomy (or in Hebrew, Lokchei Dam Vridi): For nurses (and other individuals with prior experience in the field), a short, two days course is provided. For other professionals, a longer, eight day course is provided.


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Most professional photographers in Israel photograph weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvas, family and work place events, as well as commercial venues. Even if you only work with the English speaking population, it is important to learn Hebrew as best as you can. That will enable you to run your business more successfully. Photographers are paid at a lower rate than in North America or the UK. It is important to familiarize yourself with the high rate of competition amongst photographers in Israel.

Physician Assistant

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) is launching a course to train medical professionals to become PAs within the Israeli medical system. Israeli PAs will work under the supervision and guidance of physicians and will engage in all aspects of medicine: obtaining medical histories, undertaking physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries, ordering and processing of laboratory tests, performing medical procedures, assisting during procedures and advancing health education.


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Physicians from North America and the UK represent a valuable resource for the State of Israel, which is expecting to experience a shortage of doctors in the upcoming years, due to a convergence of factors such as population increase and the retirement of immigrant doctors (from the former USSR).


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To work as a plumber in Israel, you can attend a formal training program or work as an apprentice for an experienced plumber. Olim who come to Israel with plumbing experience from abroad generally find that, while their experience is helpful, the local plumbing system differs significantly from what exists abroad and it takes time and experience - working with a local plumber - to master the new system.

Preschool and Daycare

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North American preschool teachers in Israel frequently opt to work in a private Gan. Typically, private Gan is open to children between the ages of 1 and 3. Some Ganim are designed for children in a wide range of ages, but most Ganim limit enrollment to a more specific age group.

Real Estate Agents

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All real estate agents in Israel are required to pass a licensing examination that is administered every few months by Misrad HaMishpatim (Ministry of Justice ). There is no transfer of real estate licenses from abroad. The Ministry of Justice has a booklet available which includes the information needed to prepare for the exam.

Sales Professionals

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One or two years of work experience in the field, and the right personality. You need to have thick skin and be persistent and organized. Upper management positions in sales will require extensive experience – at least 5 years. In addition, for upper management, the more degrees the better - and an MBA is ideal.

Social Work

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Social workers in Israel work with a wide range of populations including families of the physically and mentally handicapped, underprivileged communities, children and youth at risk, hospital patients and their families, the elderly, drug rehabilitation, immigrants from non-Western countries, trauma and abuse victims, and victims of terror.


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The Israeli educational system is divided into Jewish, Arab and Christian sectors. The Jewish sector is further divided into Secular ("Mamlachti"), Religious ("Mamlachti Dati,") and Independent ("Atzmai" - Beit Yaakov and Haredi). There are also schools that are semi-private where the staff, parents and department of education design the curriculum.

Teaching Children with Special Needs

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Special education is offered to students beginning in preschool and continuing through high school. The services of the Israeli department of education are offered for learning, emotional and communicative disabilities. The department also services students who are physically impaired. Hebrew is important. It is important to work on your Hebrew proficiency before looking for a job in this field. Special education educators can potentially earn a greater salary than regular teachers for there are many opportunities for private tutoring and other work.

Teaching Judaic Studies

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It helps to have studied in Israel, but it is not necessary. If you study overseas, you need to be prepared to handle cultural differences in the Israeli classroom. The system is different in Israel: A teacher in Israel has more responsibility as far as classroom management; teachers are expected to handle behavioral issues in the classroom, rather than sending the child to the principal’s office.

Technical Writing – Communications

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Olim from a wide variety of professional backgrounds discover second careers in Israel in technical communications. The field attracts teachers and writers who are looking for a more corporate work environment and higher salaries; programmers and techies who prefer to work in a field that leverages their English language skills; and lawyers or other professionals who do not have the time or interest to study for the Israeli exams.

Tour Guiding in Israel

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The age-old adage says to choose a career that you love and make your current hobby into your vocation. For many Olim, this advice clearly refers to the field of tour guiding. Few professions express a love of Israel as much as guiding. Providing an opportunity for enthusiasts to study every inch of the land and delve into Israel's rich history and archaeology, the tour guiding field is a natural magnet for people who are seeking employment that expresses their passions and interests.

Ultrasound Technology

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Diagnostic ultrasound, both in Israel and abroad, is divided into four main categories: Obstetrics/Gynecology, Vascular, Echocardiography, and Abdominal/General. In Israel, students must first decide which of these four specialties they will pursue, while in the US programs students often combine the study of OBGYN ultrasound with abdominal ultrasound. Additionally, unlike in America, those wishing to study abdominal ultrasound technology in Israel must first complete studies as an x-ray technologist and then can receive "cross-training" in abdominal ultrasound.

Veterinary Medicine

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Job opportunities for qualified veterinarians are available throughout Israel, though competition for open positions can be stiff. Most veterinarians in Israel are employed under government auspices or are self-employed in private practice.

Web Programming


Web programming is a very active industry with numerous informal networking events. A nice aspect of the field is that people tend to help each other. Everyone shares what they learn both with co-workers and with competitors.


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