Managing the Job Search

|||Managing the Job Search

Finding Employment Over 50

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Olim who are close to retirement age often face special challenges when arriving in Israel and beginning their job search. Many employers are reluctant to hire older candidates, even those who arrive with the relevant qualifications. As a result, a mature job seeker can find it challenging to integrate into the Israeli job market.

Personal Experiences of the Israeli Job Search

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Here are several personal experiences of recent Olim who successfully found jobs in their fields in Israel. We hope that these stories will provide inspiration to all of you who are planning Aliyah and are worrying about the prospects of finding employment in Israel.


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There are an increasing number of professions that lend themselves to telecommuting, i.e., continuing employment remotely. Do you want to explore the option of telecommuting after you make Aliyah? Here are some suggestions for presenting the idea to your employer. The following contains excerpts from an actual proposal that an NBN Oleh successfully presented to his employer.

Adjusting Your Resume for the Israeli Market

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Israeli employers are looking for short, focused resumes pointing to strong experience in a narrow field, as opposed to more well rounded resumes. If you ARE a well rounded person with multiple skills, here are a few tips to maintaining a resume that will interest Israeli employers

Employment Services Provided by Aliyah Organizations and Government Offices

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Nefesh B'Nefesh provides comprehensive employment services, including: Providing you with information about the Israeli job market, assisting you in rewriting your resume, to meet the expectations of Israeli employers, giving you contacts in Israel in your field and more.

Tips for Successful Interviewing in Israel

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There is a well-known adage that says: you never have a second chance to make a good first impression. Studies have shown that within one minute, you've already made your impression! As there are many cultural differences between North American and Israeli workplaces, the following are some important tips to prepare you to make a great impression on your potential Israeli employer.

Protexia, Who Do You Really Know

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“It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know” – that is the rough translation of the Hebrew slang word “Protexia,” and you will probably be told this dozens of times during your job search. But don’t despair – this does not mean that the entire Israeli job market runs on nepotism. If you are qualified and motivated and know how to get that across to an employer, that is what will ultimately land you the job. Think of “Protexia” more in terms of developing and using your personal network to leverage your job search.

Building a Career in Israel

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The concept of a career is relatively new -- having first made an appearance about 100 years ago. Looking back towards the beginnings of history, humankind started out “professionally” as the hunter-gatherer. Later, when society developed into more complex groupings (in villages and cities, or agricultural areas), most individuals continued to work for generations within a family’s given profession.