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Healthcare in Israel

The following articles provide information about the Israeli healthcare system, how to choose a Kupat Cholim (health plan), medical insurance, dental care, vaccinations, pregnancy/birth and fertility treatments. In Israel, every resident is insured for healthcare services through payment of monthly premiums to Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute). New Olim who are not working are entitled to up to one year of free health insurance for the basic level of coverage.
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1 Healthcare Overview 26012
2 Kupot Cholim (Health Plans) 33393
3 Childhood Vaccinations, Flu Shots and Other Immunizations 11415
4 Tipat Chalav (Well-Baby Clinics) 8527
5 Hiring a Foreign Care Worker 2986
6 Misrad Habriut (Ministry of Health) Branches 16579
7 Switching Kupot Cholim (Health Plans) 6031
8 Understanding the Healthcare System: Glossary of Terms 5057
9 Health Insurance for Returning Citizens (through Bituach Leumi) 17111
10 The Advantages of Private Health Insurance 1482
11 Children with Food Allergies 4930
12 Healthcare Services: Listing of Government Offices and Organizations 7631
13 Traveler's Health Insurance 8523
14 Pregnancy and Birth 13161
15 Dental Care 9305
16 Transplant and Organ Donation 5069
17 Reimbursement for Medical Treatment 4717