English-Language University Programs

For a complete list of all of the Israeli higher education programs in English for international students at the Bachelor and Master’s degree level ranging from short-term courses to full degree programs, click here.

Important Note: Most of the programs that are offered in English are private and therefore are not fully covered by the Student Authority (as with the Israeli programs). Tuition ranges from $6,000 – $25,000, depending on the program. If the program is recognized by the Student Authority, they will pay the equivalent of Israeli tuition (approx. $3,000 a year).

There are a number of programs that are offered in English. For more information about English-language programs, please see the websites for each program (listed below).


Ariel University offers an Engineering program for English speakers which provides intensive Ulpan in the first year, which should enable the students to join the studies in Hebrew the following years.  More information can be found here: Ariel University – Engineering for English Speakers
Bar Ilan University offers a Mechina preparatory program with Ulpan, an academic Summer Certificate Program in Conflict Resolution, a BA in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and several other graduate-level degree programs including Education, Translation Studies, Creative Writing, Linguistics and an International MBA program, all taught in English.  For a complete listing of program offerings, please click here.

Bar Ilan also offers a pre-med program to college graduates who never took pre-med courses to complete preparation for medical school, dental school, veterinary school, or nursing school in just one year – in English.  www.barilanpremed.com

Ben Gurion University offers the following English-language degree programs: Medical School for International Health which has approximately 125 international students, Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies, The International Master of Arts Program In Middle East Studies (MAPMES ), The International MBA One-Year Program in the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management, MA in Linguistics, MA in Literature, BA in Literature and Linguistics, International Summer School, The Department of Communication Studies – (MA/PhD), The Politics of Conflict – The Department of Politics and Government (MA) and the Ginsburg-Ingerman Overseas Student Program (OSP).

Click here to find out how you can get your MBA in ONE year, in the International MBA Program at BGU, at standard State tuition.
If eligible, this MBA Program is completely covered by your student benefit.

The College of Law and Business

Bilingual Law Degree (LL.B.)

The College of Law and Business offers a global LL.B. Bachelor of Law degree in Israel for English speakers. This program is an opportunity for students who are looking to integrate into the Israeli job market, gain both local and international experience and prepare themselves professionally for a successful career in law. Students live in Israel, learn Hebrew, study in both English and Hebrew and learn everything they need to practice law in both languages. Students receive academic considerations for the classes taught in Hebrew, including being able to submit assignments and exams in English. Includes summer workshops at Harvard, Oxford, Kassel and more, as well as Fast-track LL.M. at Chicago’s Kent college, and Fordham Law and YU Cardozo Law schools in New York.

This is part-time study, where students are on campus 2-3 days a week.

B.A. in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability – taught entirely in English
Designed for the highly motivated English-speaking students looking to fain the skills and connections to establish and manager their own startup, the B.A. in business entrepreneurship and sustainability program covers all the much-needed basics for creating your own job. Based on the Ivy League Case-Method, students grow their practical understanding and applicable knowledge while either visiting or hearing from different guest lecturers from different Israeli businesses and startups. In the final year of study, students participate in the startup incubator where they realize their entrepreneurial dreams under the mentorship of experienced seed investors and startup directors.

This program can be completed in 3 years of full-time study, or longer if studied part-time.

Dual degree track- LL.B. and B.A.
The combination of a law degree with a business degree provides students with an efficient and sensible toolkit to be a successful business person. This dual degree track is aimed at committed and eager individuals who are interested in becoming leaders in law and business. Motivated students can earn two undergraduate degrees: a Law Degree (LL.B.) and a Business Degree (B.A.) in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. All business courses are taught in English. Half of the law courses are offered in English and half in Hebrew. The dual track program gives candidates unparalleled advantage in the job market.


  • In 2017, ranked in the top 3 for student satisfaction, as well as having the highest paid graduates.
  • Noted by Forbes Magazine as being one of the most prestigious law schools in Israel.
  • Law degree in only 3.5 years, business degree (B.A.) in Entrepreneurship in 3 years or both in only 4 years.
  • Dual Degree track for two Bachelor Degrees: Law (LL.B.) and Business Administration (B.A.).
  • The only academic institute to teach a law degree (LL.B.) with classes in English.
  • Grants eligibility to sit for the New York State Bar exams.
  • Choose a fast-track LL.M. in your final semester from Chicago Kent College of Law, Fordham Law or Yeshiva University’s Cardozo Law in New York.
  • Internships and workshops in Harvard, Oxford, Kassel, Berlin, Paris and more available!
  • Learn from top faculty from around the world.
  • Vibrant student life in the Tel -Aviv Metropolitan Area

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Haifa University offers a variety of undergraduate exchange courses, graduate programs (MA, MSc, MBA, LLM and MPH) programs, Hebrew and Arabic language and internship programs taught in English. The length of Master’s programs varies from 1 to 2 years. The Master’s programs are suitable for the new immigrants who want to upgrade their education while working on improving their Hebrew. The main fields of studies include Peace & Conflict Management, Diplomacy and International Relations (Dual-degree with Warsaw University), National Security Studies; Creative Art Therapies; Maritime Civilizations and Prehistoric Archaeology; Marine Geosciences; Israel, Jewish and Holocaust studies, Social Work with focus on multicultural societies and Child Development, Global Health Leadership and Administration, Global Green MBA focused on sustainability and an award-winning International MBA with focus on doing business with Asia.

For a complete listing of program offerings, click here or email: infograd@univ.haifa.ac.il. We provide individual guidance through admissions process tailored to the new immigrants. Please contact our Olim coordinator Asher Kornblau at akornblau@univ.haifa.ac.il or +972(0)4-828-8316.

Hebrew University: The Rothberg International School is Hebrew University’s overseas program. It boasts an international mix of students and offers MA programs in Jewish Studies, Bible & Ancient Near East Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Israel Studies: Society and Politics and Nonprofit Management Leadership.

The Melton Centre for Jewish Education of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers a blended MA program in Jewish Education for formal and informal educators, principals, and community workers. The program is taught 1 year online with only 6 weeks on campus. This is a prefect pre-aliyah degree track that allows you to strength your knowledge of social sciences, educational philosophies and Jewish and Israel Education, without interrupting your work life.
For further information: www.majewisheducation.com

The International Bio-medicine Sciences M.Sc. Program is a unique two-year degree program offered for English-speaking students. Upon completing the program, students will hold a M.Sc. certificate from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which is highly regarded in the academic world and is currently ranked as one of the top 50 research institutes globally. Our program combines basic, applied and clinical research in a wide variety of biological related fields. In addition to a unique and productive study environment, our program offers a wonderful social experience. Studying with students from all over the world opens up different ways of thinking and learning. For more information please check the program web site.

Hebrew University now offers a one-year MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This program is designed to train students with the knowledge and skills  for successfully adapting to emerging business trends and the students will acquire the tools needed to create services and products suitable for global markets.

The Glocal Community-Development Studies program is an innovative M.A. program in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The 18-month program aims to provide students with the academic theory and background, as well as professional skills and tools to work with communities across the globe. An integral part of the program is a four months internship with an international NGO in a developing country, held during third semester of the program. Glocal is recognized by the student authority and therefore tuition is approx. 3500/USD a year.
For more information, please contact program coordinator Ido Benvenisti at +972-2-5882267 or at glocal@savion.huji.ac.il

Hebrew University offers a one-year international Master of Science in Nutrition. The one-year program leads to a non-thesis M.Sc in Nutrition. Qualified students can continue on to a second year thesis track and afterwards to a PhD degree. For more information: http://intschool.agri.huji.ac.il/book/nutrition 

For a full listing of the International Graduate Programs offered at Hebrew University, please click here.

The Herzog Academic College of Education in Gush Etzion offers a Bachelors of Education in English and in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Students possessing a Bachelor’s or a more advanced degree can retrain as English teachers. The men’s campus shares facilities with the Yeshiva of Har Etzion – Alon Shvut,  the women’s campus with the Bet Midrash for Women – Migdal Oz.  The college provides a warm and friendly environment for students interested in slowly integrating into Israeli society and improving their Hebrew. The English department offers an intimate atmosphere where every student is important. The demand for English teaching professionals in Israel is on the rise according to the most recent report of the Central Bureau of Statistics.  For more information contact Tehila Har Zahav – tehilahz@herzog.ac.il, Dr. Amy Gelbart – amygelbart@gmail.com, or call 02-9937318  or facebook.

IDC Herzliya – International School offers BA degrees in: Business Administration, Business & Economics (dual degree),  Communications, Computer Science, Government, and Psychology. It also offers MA degrees in Counter-Terrorism & Homeland Security Studies, Diplomacy & Conflict Studies, Organizational Behavior & Development, Financial Economics as well as MBAs in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Strategy & Business Development. All programs are taught completely in English.
Machon Lev – The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT),   recognized by Israel’s Council of Higher Education, is one of Israel’s leading academic institutions of higher education. JCT provides 2 tracks for students seeking an undergraduate degree in English: Computer Science and Business Administration. With flexible scheduling, JCT’s English Speaking Program is ideal for men seeking to receive a college degree in English, at a good price, while studying or working, in Jerusalem.

 For further information contact Rabbi Eisenberg 058-7558007stevene@g.jct.ac.il

Michlalah Jerusalem College  for religious women, offers a BA degree and a Teaching Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The department courses are all held in English. For more information, contact Dr. Emmy Zitter at 054-756-6592 or ejzitter@yahoo.com.

Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music is located in Ramat HaSharon.


First Year in English
English speakers may apply to study at Rimon School for one year in our first-level English program. Courses include a variety of music theory, ear training, written musical arranging, and performance studies. Hebrew-speaking students may mix and match their English classes with the Hebrew-speaking courses. Students who are accepted to Berklee College of Music may use this program as their first year of study.

Full Program for Hebrew Speakers
Rimon School of Music offers seven professional majors, available to admitted advanced Hebrew speakers. The full course of study is three years to earn a diploma.

Full List of Degree Opportunities:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Israel:
    Hebrew-speaking degree-seeking students may earn a degree through Rimon’s academic partnership with Open University. Liberal arts courses are studied on Rimon’s campus weekly, on Fridays.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education in Israel:
    Hebrew-speaking students can successfully complete two years of study at Rimon and then apply to transfer to The Levinsky Seminar to continue study toward a full degree in music education.
  3. Bachelor’s Degree Opportunity at Berklee College of Music:
    Hebrew-speaking students who successfully complete (B average or better) two years of study at Rimon can then audition for placement at the world renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, where they can continue toward a bachelor’s degree, and perhaps stay for a Master’s.

For more information (in English):

Hebrew speakers can attend one of the school’s open house days. Please call 03-540-8882 for more information about attending an open house day.

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology offers a BSc in civil engineering and a BSc in mechanical engineering. It also offers several graduate engineering programs and an international medical school. Click here for more information.

In addition, the Technion has recently introduced two new Masters programs. The Start-Up MBA course is a one-year international program taught in English. The course is held at a newly renovated complex in Tel Aviv. For more information, visit the following link.

The second Masters program is in Systems Engineering, which is an intensive and accelerated 15 month program taught at the Technion campus in Haifa. The program provides experienced engineers with in-depth knowledge, technical skills, and practical knowledge and prepares students for high level careers in the engineering industry as well as government. For more information, visit the following link.

Tel Aviv University offers English-language programs both for undergraduate studies and graduate studies, including MBA and EMBA degrees. Program offerings include Jewish Studies, Environmental Studies, Social Work, Middle Eastern Studies, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and many more.   

Tel Aviv University offers an International LL.M degree in English. The program will open for the 2013-2014 academic year. The rigorous academic curriculum is based on innovative approaches to legal theory, providing law students analytic tools and skills to engage in serious academic research and practical insights. Classes explore contemporary challenges to the law that stem from the processes of globalization to specific courses on the Israeli legal and social systems, the complexities of the Middle East region and the legal aspects of the “Start-up Nation”. Contact Jessica Rozental at jrozental@tauex.tau.ac.il or on (972) 03-640-8597 for more information. For a complete list of TAU’s English-language graduate programs, please see graduate studies.

Tel Aviv University also offers an International MA Program in Political Science & Political Communication. This program offers students the opportunity to advance their knowledge and understanding of the practical dimensions of politics. Graduates of the program will be equipped to evaluate and respond to the challenges that arise from the interconnectedness between politics and communication. For more information email politicom@post.tau.ac.il

The Summer Institute of Advanced Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at Tel Aviv University’s School of Public Health now offers a summer program for physicians, public health officials, scholars, and students. The Summer Institute courses are taught in English.  For further information see here: http://en-medicine.tau.ac.il/School-of-Public-Health/Summer2015

Vatel Tel Aviv offers a Bachelor’s degree to English speakers in International Hotel and Tourism within 2 years. Located in Tel Aviv, Vatel is an international business school that specializes in hospitality and tourism management. Upon completing the program students will receive an International BA, a certificate from the Ministry of Tourism and a certificate from the Israeli Hotel Association. More information can be found here http://www.vatel.co.il/

The Weitzman Institute of Science, a multidisciplinary research center, offers international MSc and PhD programs in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. For more information click here.

For information about the International MBA programs that are offered throughout Israel, please see: www.secrettelaviv.com/magazine/blog/useful-info/international-mba-in-israel/

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