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2901, 2023

Is Zionism Consistent with the Torah?

To most Torah observant Jews, the question, “Is Zionism consistent with the Torah?” has an obvious answer. Of course, certain Torah observant Jews would answer the question with a resounding yes, and others with an equally definite, no! The question of Zionism’s consistency with Torah values is a source of great debate among Torah observant Jews.

1912, 2022

Is Zionism a Movement or an Ideology?

Zionists will forever debate when their undertaking began. There are Zionists who fervently argue their first member was Abraham. When God told Abraham, “Go forth from your land to the land I will tell you…” and Abraham arrived in a land to be named “Eretz Yisrael,” he became the first Zionist. More contemporary thinking Zionists will claim Theodore Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, was the first Zionist and started the drive of the Jewish people to return to their homeland.

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