In cooperation with the various Israeli Sherut Leumi organizations, Ori was created to provide a community and support system for the young women who have decided to commit to a year of national service in Israel.

The process of finding a suitable Sherut Leumi placement may seem overwhelming, however with the proper preparation and research you will be able to find a suitable and rewarding place to serve.

This page explains the process of signing up for Sherut Leumi, allowing you to clearly see the order of the steps.

1. Receive an exemption from the Rabbanut

All Israelis citizens are required to serve in the IDF.  In order to do Sherut Leumi you must request, and receive, a religious exemption (Ptor) from completing your compulsory army service.

Your first step is to get your Army exemption (Ptor). See here for details about Army Exemption for Religious Reasons

If you have not yet received your initial call-up to the army (Tzav Rishon), but would like to get the Ptor earlier than your draft date, you may do so.

You must obtain your Ptor at least 90 days before your enlistment date. If you do not receive your Ptor in time, the army may decide to enlist you.

2. Research

  1. Create a list of your top 3 fields of interest (for example, working with kids/ in an office/ old age home etc.).
  2. Consider whether you’d like to stay close to home or are willing to live farther away.
  3. Get in touch with a Rakezet (coordinator) from one of the Sherut Leumi organizations. Click here for a complete list of Bat Sherut organizations and their contact information.  The Rakazot will help you sign up on the Sherut websites and with locating different organizations you might want to work for. It does not make a difference which agency you use. If the agency offers a program that is right for you, then go with them.
  4. Browse the agencies’ websites and look for jobs that are in your fields of interest. Make a list of your options, with their basic information, to give to the coordinator (Rakezet) and to make it easier to sign up for the Yom Sayarot (open house day) when it is time to do so.
  5. Talk to alumni from school and other people around you who have done Sherut Leumi, about their experiences in Sherut, so you can get a better idea of the different Sherut options.

3. Meet with your Rakezet

  • Around a month before Chanukah, liaisons (Rakazot), from the 3 Sherut agencies come to your school to help you find Sherut options. You tell them what interests you and they help you identify relevant openings.
  • After the meetings you should have a list of 3-7 places that you are interested in.

4. Fill out the She’alon Hechven

The She’alon Hechven is a very long questionnaire that a prospective Bat Sherut is required to fill out in Hebrew. It includes a lot of basic questions, like where you live, what schools you went to, etc., and more in-depth questions about your strengths and weaknesses. It takes about two and a half hours to fill out, and it’s helpful to find a Hebrew speaker to assist with the writing.

5. Sign up for Yom Sayarot

Yom Sayarot is sign-up day for Sherut Leumi placements. Generally speaking, when you go for an interview, you also tour the facilities, learn more about the organization, and meet with the staff.

Around January the dates for Sayarot are published. You have about a week to sign up. We recommend you sign up as quickly as possible because there is limited space for every Sayeret.

Sign up for 3-6 different Sayarot. You want to have choices but, at the same time, too many options can be confusing and overwhelming.

Most Sayarot start around February, but there are a few, such as Misrad HaBitachon (Ministry of Defense office) and Chul (Sherut Leumi outside of Israel), which start earlier on in the year.

6. How to sign up for a Yom Sayarot:

You sign up by going on to the website of the agency that offers the particular Sayeret that you want to attend. Search for the dates of the Sayeret (there is usually more than one) and hit the sign up button. You’ll receive an email confirming that you have been signed up.

For Beit Hayeled (orphanage) the process is a bit different, and it involves additional steps – please check with the Sherut Leumi organizations for specific details.

7. Attend Yom Sayarot

Prepare for your interview:
Before you go for an interview, talk to someone who worked for that organization previously. Find out what to expect in the interview: Will there be a test? Will you need to write an essay? Will there be a formal interview? Each place is different, and knowing what to expect will help calm your nerves. You might also want to think about possible interview questions and practice answering them, so that you will be able to answer confidently. Keep in mind that organizations like to see that you are enthusiastic about the prospect of working there, and that you will put your heart into the work.



  • Confirm your placement with the organization
  • Let your Rakezet know
  • Wait for the organization to contact you regarding the training seminar

Not Accepted

  • Don’t worry! There are other placements waiting for you
  • Attend the second round of Sayarot
  • Let your Rakazot know you are still searching

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